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Day 1,162: As U.S. tops global tally of coronavirus cases, Trump is at odds with reality - burst 01


And a teleconference with the nation's governors trump said. He's looking into easing up on social distancing. Another mitigation efforts. He's also calling for splitting the US in the high low and medium risk areas county-by-county as a way to potentially allow some people to go back to work. The president and vice president talked about it during today's briefing. We're going to be talking about dates. We're going to be talking with a lot of great professionals but this is a country that was built on getting it done and our people want to go back to work. We've got to start the process pretty soon. So we'll be talking to you a little bit more about that next week. We'll be presenting this weekend. The president a range of recommendations and an additional guidance For going forward. The president's made it clear that in his words he wants to open the country up But we're going to do that responsibly. And the president told the governor's Today we'll do that based on

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Day 1,162: As U.S. tops global tally of coronavirus cases, Trump is at odds with reality - burst 01

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