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The T. dome then you will see


Virus are emerging in the military acting navy secretary Thomas motley confirmed additional cases on board the Theodore Roosevelt naval aircraft carrier he says those who tested positive have been removed from the ship and they are only experiencing mild symptoms governor Inslee says his two week stay at home order might have to be extended yes there's been a slight decline in the climb of covert cases which initially says is a sign that our social distancing efforts are working house speaker Nancy Pelosi says the massive two point two trillion dollar coronavirus economic relief bill approved by the Senate will pass the house Friday with strong bipartisan support and your Debord is following the story for ABC news and spoke with Thomas Jeff Pohjola the speaker tout strong bipartisan support but there've been a lot of concerns about this package yeah and it will burst in the Senate it passed with complete bipartisan support it and we ninety six zero he for a loan both they didn't vote were because

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The T. dome then you will see

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