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The Sedano Show (HR 1): Jorge is finally streaming live - burst 07


The dodgers as an example. They've traded for mookie Betts. Let's just say that there is a doomsday. Scenario and Major League. Baseball cannot play this season. What do people want to impending free agents? Mookie betts do do with them. Are they still free? Agents going into next season and the dodgers traded all those assets for nothing George. That's a great question also We don't know about service time yet. We don't know about how they're going to get paid if they're gonNA get paid exactly how this is going to be done. So therefore Trevor Bauer. Mookie Betts and other guys who are free agent after the season will they be free agents after the season if there's no game if

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The Sedano Show (HR 1): Jorge is finally streaming live - burst 07

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