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It's something you don't normally take for granted and <Advertisement>


Sixties out there under mostly clear skies clouds begin to build on Friday another warm high near eighty one degrees enjoy it because showers and storms return on Saturday and so to cooler temps get the very latest on that timing joined good morning Memphis Friday morning beginning at four thirty fox news I'm rich Denison the U. S. now has more than eighty two thousand coronavirus cases more than any other country according to the latest figures from John Hopkins university president trump optimistic about the mortality rates of those infected in my opinion it's way way down and it takes a lot of fear and you know it's one thing to have it it's another thing to die the virus has killed more than eleven hundred in the country tomorrow the house is expected to approve a two point two trillion dollar coronavirus economic stimulus package designed to help businesses hospitals and workers includes direct payments to Americans twelve hundred dollars per person five hundred dollars per child checks will be reduced for those making more than seventy five thousand dollars with the cut off of ninety nine thousand the

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It's something you don't normally take for granted and <Advertisement>

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