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Gary Jeff Walker
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The Show Must Go On: Wrestlemania Is Still Happening

ESPN Daily
4 d ago
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An hour ago Roman reigns is withdrawn from WWE WrestleMania which we had been told a lot of it was already recorded and they can because they closed the facility where they were gonna be doing it but I sided idea citing his own health concerns because apparently had it realizes he'd he was recovering from a battle with leukemia because his sure handedness to miss compromise and I don't feel comfortable doing this so they're gonna replace him against against Goldberg a wrestler to be named later yeah I had it with the way if all of its already recorded in the in the K. and it's going to be interesting he said of an issue they pull but anyway for a wrestling fan we just post that on the gamble capital and expand the page on the Facebook's Sagan socially distance yourself from us and still find out what the hell's going on now