Paul Tudor Jones — who called the 1987 crash — says don’t think of coronavirus as a ‘pandemic Godzilla'

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This clock pod. I'm CNBC producer. Katie Kramer on our podcast. Today Paul Tudor Jones. We got to be careful. Not To myth. Fowler is this into the pandemic Godzilla because we can beat this thing. We're going to squash it and send it back to the oblivion that crawled out of the Hedge Fund Titan and philanthropist was the first money manager to tell CNBC that he was concerned about the corona virus back in January today. How he feels about his future telling abilities water damn mess contending with the unprecedented shock of a pandemic to the economy. Investors can take heart that we've counteracted this existential shock with the greatest fiscal monetary. Bazooka it's not even a bazooka. It's more like a nuclear bomb and the rocky road. I'm much more nervous about the loss of life that could come with a fifteen or twenty percent unemployment rate. Then I am at the loss of light comes with CD.

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