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$2 trillion bill expected to be approved as millions of Americans file for unemployment

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Today we got last week's unemployment figures and they are dire record three point two million people filed for unemployment benefits the Senate meanwhile passed a two trillion dollar economic package this week in part to help people weather the economic storm it's the largest emergency aid deal in modern U. S. history and some people are estimating that this pandemic or at least the resulting economic fallout could go well into next year and that could mean it's a problem for a new president depending on what voters decide in November it still is an election year after all joining us from Capitol Hill now Vermont senator Bernie Sanders senator Sanders welcome back to one day good to be with your dog senator the the Senate got unanimous agreement ninety six to zero I think on this two trillion dollar aid package your view on how far this goes for workers I mean these unemployment numbers are staggering three point two million it's like a brick wall well because I have very little doubt that there will be another major piece of legislation well within the next few weeks or a month or two given the fact that we are looking at the worst pandemic since the Spanish flu of nineteen eighteen god knows how many people will be infected Dolly and that we're looking at you just indicated that a tremendous spike in unemployment and a real downfall in not only our economy but the world's economy all I have very little doubt that well this is a start we're gonna have to come back and address the needs of working people in a far more substantial well wait what did you make of the unanimous nature of the vote there was some debate there were some acrimonious wrangling for sure nobody wanted to be on the other side of this one and looting many of your conservative colleagues who in another time and another place would have chafed at unemployment benefits or deficit spending perhaps a or a lot of the other provisions in here we had a bit of a debate last night when some of my anti worker Republican colleagues wanted to prevent low income workers from getting the additional six hundred dollars on top of their unemployment check and that was something that I was not going to allow to happen we'd be forced back on hundreds of feet is out so I think that's your question all up there is a widespread understanding not only in the Congress but among the American people that we are in an unprecedented moment in American history nobody knows quite what will happen but what he is I think the good news and I want to credit the democratic leadership for understands this but this is not a time for thinking all about the way we thought about things yesterday we got to think in a very very bold way and while this bill did not go anywhere near as far as like for future calls what it did do is expand unemployment benefits in a way that has never taken place before well one of the great problems with the unemployment compensation system is that a majority of workers in America are not covered if you order over driver if you are working as an independent contractor and many other types of jobs even when you lose your job you're not eligible for unemployment what this bill does is two things it more or less guarantees unemployment benefits for all American workers including those who had not previously been caught and what it also does in an unprecedented way it says you don't want the Arbitron employment checkers I think somewhere around three hundred and sixty dollars a week and what it still says that for months you're gonna get six hundred dollars more a week than you otherwise would have gotten some kind of unprecedented in addition to that it puts twelve hundred dog is a one shot in fusion of money to a family of twelve hundred dollars for an adult five hundred dollars for kids is not enough no I don't want it two thousand dollars every single month until the crisis is over what the bill also does is to understand the horrific situation facing many hospitals around America right now war always soon will be overwhelmed with corona virus patients it injects well over a hundred billion dollars in the hospitals cities and counties and states are losing tax revenue right now big time it uses a lot of money to make themselves so that they can pay their

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$2 trillion bill expected to be approved as millions of Americans file for unemployment

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