South Philadelphia couple stuck in Peru waiting to return


For this couples from south Philly but they've been stuck in Peru he went on to use Charlotte russe tells us about their struggle as they try to get back to the states amid the corona virus pandemic the couple says they were on their way to Argentina to celebrate a family member's eightieth birthday when the borders to Lima Peru shot it's been really just exhausting rich levering and his wife serwis Unimin spoke to NBC ten about what life has been like stranded in Peru with their dog don't know for example the quarantine is lifted by the time our hotel reservation and contending for still here it will have a place to stay I looking out the window of their hotel the couple says they can see police and military members on every corner the south Philly couple joins other Americans who are reportedly stranded in Morocco and Ecuador levering says they have tried to contact American officials but we'll just have to wait which side of the list a state department official says the U. S. is considering all options to assist American citizens stuck in a country where air travel has been suspended Charlotte Reese KYW

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