Animal Crossing (And Other Things Keeping Us Sane)


Jason and I are both still playing sonal five royal and Kirk and I are both playing animal. Crossing New Horizons. Kirk is also playing six billion other games from do maternal to half-life Alex. We read a bunch of lister emails about coping with cove in nineteen including messages from healthcare workers and restore workers. Who have their own stresses in this time? Close it off with some off topic. Talk about the wire. Let's get to it and we are back for another episode of Kotoka split-screen I'm Mattie Myers and I'm joined by Kirk Hamilton. What'S UP KIRK? What's up Mattie? It's nice to see you. It's nice to see you and it's also nice to see Jason Schreier. Hi Jason Hello. Hello Hello Hello Hello from beautiful quarantines New York City beautiful super relaxing New York. We have a lot to get to today. Thank you to everybody. Who sent in your corona virus coping strategies and stories? We have a Lotta interesting interesting listeners. Listeners of all stripes of all types of careers VIN is really true it has been really fascinating to to read all of your sorry fascinating and and clearly all very good looking people to very smart talented one beautiful handsome people kirk before we get into some video game shots. You had one thing you wanted to mention. I have an important correction to make from last week's discussion of the playstation five I mentioned off the top of my head when we were talking about resolution differences that battlefield. Four on the playstation for ran at ten eighty. P on the xbox one it ran at nine hundred eighty however that is inaccurate and I even thought at the time because I remember this now gains like assassins creed for black flag. Nevada ran attended ep on the PS four and nine hundred p. On the xbox one as I said battlefield four did however battlefield for nine hundred p. on the PS four and seven twenty p on the xbox which was particularly a particular. Bummer for the experts wanted because that was the resolution of the previous generation. And now that I've said that I'm hoping that it's right because in fact I might be wrong and then correctly by somebody. This show starts with Kirk correcting previous resolutions. Piece of information right from seven years ago when I said that it was seventy five percent of the frames. Random sixty seventy two point five percent is actually what a world so I will say though. Accuracy matters and I saw you had you had transcribed with that conversation over at reset era and I did have the wrong numbers. I just should have said. It ran slightly higher resolution. Ibs for teach me to be specific. I will be more vague from now on no game. Titles on this show from now on we're never gonNA we'll just see the thing the thing those frame fielder game in it it had pixels. Who's to say every week every week? I'm in a quiz. You on the number of teraflops in your GPA. And I expect full full SPEC breakdowns of every single teraflops in my jeep my GP twenty eighty. I wonder what how many tariff lops that is. I'm going to look at it. I think I think that's something like ten. I think it's around ten. I think it's two thousand and eight thousand tariff prices right so lovie quite a fast machine. Just one teraflops if I were doing prices right man. How many Tariff Love Steve? I was at the grocery store this morning and I think I bought a bag of bake teraflops and they were fantastic. Those aren't sold out yet. Anyway we're mad rush on teraflops. What does this show? We're GONNA leave all this in a selling while Kirk Google's well we have to. We have to stall and Kirk has to like put in some music like he did last week while we well. He made his themes. Gp You answer this question. I've been googling and like okay the RT x twenty eighty which is my card is. Let's see teraflops. I feel like I should be like a harding thing to answer. Well it doesn't really matter because there's so many other right after this talk about is the number that number needs to be higher than a previous number that I've seen that's still funny like somehow the marketing people have turned this into a weapon and just like going back and forth between Sony and Microsoft over the best like seven years of like we have number of teraflops. No we have. We have four sheriff's we have six. We have twelve X. series article on tech radar that says the ten eighty is capable of nine teraflops twenty-eight years significantly faster than that so but probably he says it just says it's significant says just as lesson from you about vagueness by saying teraflops. It really is being kirk from the future. Here as I edit this show I just wanted to include the actual information via tech power up the number of teraflops an Arctic. Twenty Eighty Card is ten point zero seven. So Jason Pretty much had it right now. Back to the show where Jason makes a very good point about. Why teraflops aren't actually that good of a metric being so even it's actually a good anyone so not a lot of people myself. Included don't know the nitty gritty engineering details of how these machines work but a lot of people have built a computer or at least have some familiarity with the way CPU GP works. And even that that's like a perfect example of why teraflops there's such a like flawed measure of what these things can actually do because you play a game and you're like oh I have this hot new. Gpu HOT NEW GRAPHICS CARD IN MY system but this game is still chugging like fifty frames a second and it could be because the game is an optimized properly it could be because you have bottlenecks on your CPU. I'm GonNa Slam on your machine. There's so many other variables with all of this stuff that it's like the teraflops number really is just like an. I rented a great article. I'll I'll put this article in the show notes about how teraflops are just like this inadequate measure and how really it's just like Sony and Microsoft's marketing teams over the past. Few years have weaponized number. And it's become this giant consul war bait And it's really I mean it's hilarious slash frustrating to watch people just constantly talk about tariffs. I'm glad that my bringing that up and bring us in taking us on that rabbit hole has has led to an actual thoughtful conclusion of video games now. So let's talk about some gains that we are playing during our respective quarantines I will go first because I don't have a tend to say because I'm still playing a lot of persona five royal. I've been playing a Shitload of this game. Just finished the third Dungeon Dungeon that's Kenichiro. Well I WANNA spoil for Maddie's spoil it for the Listener. Either give the nature of it or anything like that but it's the third one. It's I mean you. Can you give me a clue spoiler speaking code and I am it involves money? It's the one that involves money. That's what you're talking about. Okay if it were to make you think of an astrological sign which this is to find you and Tara set of Tarot Cards. Go ahead sorry. It's very soothing but also I forgot how stressful it is when you like are starting a new day and suddenly you ten different potential confidence. Who WanNa meet with you and you have all these skills that you need to level up and you can only do one thing and it's time. Amanda I duNno authority you in a second because I don't know how far you've got into the normal rhythm of a game yet but essentially every single day you have to pick what you want to do and you'll get to do one thing during the day and then another thing at night and you have to make smart decisions about like who am I gonNA spend my time with and first of all. It's Hilarious to be doing this during quarantine. When you can't actually make any real decisions about right you can go out on the streets and talk to people and go to live vicariously. It's actually it's a little anxiety inducing because every single transition screen is just people crowded together on the Tokyo subway and it's crowded crowded people So that's a little bit like what are you guys doing or you're in school and it's crowded also. People are rang sick masks because in Asian culture like people wear sick masks even way before any of this stuff obviously in in Japan you would see people wearing sickness so like you're walking around your high school in Tokyo and people are just these signals rare and it's like Oh my God so yeah. It's it's been a lot of fun. I've been enjoying it quite a bit Just a fantastic game and the way that like all the different systems kind of interlocking interweaving everything do during the day will contribute in some way to what you are capable of doing during the Dungeon Palace mementos sections like the fighting sections so it never really it. It feels like everything you're doing is contributing to some sort of like long term goal in almost feels like destiny and that way like the way the way any real good video game just like macy feel like nothing. You're doing as a waste of time. So He's contributing towards some larger goal and in this it's that like all of the social stuff either during the day is contributing to what you're capable during when you go and fight stuff at night or during the day. So it's really cool mattie woody event because you have been well first of all how far are you now? I've only played a few more hours of it beyond where I was because I mostly play animal crossing this week which I'll talk about in a second but I I'm still interested in continuing persona and they will continue it so I'm actually still in the first dungeon and that might be because what I did immediately after mocking that dungeon is like the next day in Game Day. I was like I got this. I'm just going to go ahead and head on into that dungeon and like they sort of railroad you into going into the air soft store getting some guns and various weapons there and they give you an opportunity to meet this doctor. Who gives you some drugs? But I didn't really know what I needed to buy so I just kind of like pick some stuff randomly. And then I was like dungeon crawling dungeon crawling and I think almost at the end of this dungeon. I met like a room where there's a bunch of swinging axes and like yard for the but so I was playing for our gang all the way to the end of this dungeon but like I am out of a flaky like I am so far out of stuff I super did not get the right items and I have been like just dealing with item anxiety throughout the entire time and then I finally realized that I was like oh I can just leave like any time and come back and like God is how the game is supposed to work but it it kind of like hints that you yes a few ways but it doesn't really spell it out so I'm like like I have barely any is P for anyone at this point or like magic lanes basically is how this works and I've just been like rationing all my shit like nail biting my way through all of these fights.

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