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Let's go to Lafayette where we've got an accident just one car it's he's found twenty four before Oak Hill road and it's up against the center divider another case of the car speeding and going out of control there were seeing a lot of those kind of accidents here lately there's still I think they finally clear that crash similar nature southbound six CD at Seminole Boulevard no more delays there right now to the peninsula south down one oh one on the Broadway Burlingame offramp we have a white van blocking one of the lanes of the ramp there so heads up

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KCBS 24 Hour News 2 months ago

A couple of accidents has got an update

KCBS Radio Weekend News 2 hrs ago

Past this as seen on twenty nine toward four corners to seventy without incident between Rockville and Frederick

WTOP 24 Hour News 1 d ago

A passenger ran away from that one as well so I don't know what's happening out there

KCBS Radio Afternoon News 1 d ago

Then you'll be slow and stretches until you get well past at the island no delays on the upper deck

KCBS Radio Afternoon News 2 d ago

East bound to all five on the ramp

KCBS Radio Afternoon News 2 d ago

Dot com replying

KCBS 24 Hour News 2 d ago

Six day forecast we're going

KCBS 24 Hour News 2 d ago

C. B. S. traffic along with

KCBS Radio Afternoon News 3 d ago

Came as we noted certain routes

KCBS Radio Morning News 3 d ago

Com to learn more call for

KCBS 24 Hour News 5 d ago