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Folks that fly racing seven zero two five eight six seven eight five seven. We already got some phone calls and coming up with jt in and we will talk about The sport that's going on what we're doing. Now what's going on in the future and much more monster energy super-cross of course put on hold right now lou. All Pro motocross championships just released a revised schedule with eleven round. Starting in June at Florida is the kickoff. So Lots of talk about their and again. It's a weird time. It's a different time. And hopefully everybody's staying safe doing the right things and You know settling in for for at least God. I would think at least a month here. We're going to settle in and corn corn teen ourselves. Keep our social distancing and I just WanNa say all you jerk offs that bottle that toilet paper and I laughed at you. Well now pooping. I need toilet paper. Were getting low. Make we have eleven rolls left. We did account. We're getting a little bit low. I've been to the grocery store twice. I cannot find any and so all of you people that bought them all. I hate people. Thanks a lot. Thanks for nothing. I'll let you know as we go on how it gets bad. Maybe the next time we do one of these. I'll let you know how it's everything's going the toilet paper and the Matheson's household but If you have so maybe I can give you a shout out on the show and you could send a couple of roles in an plug your company or something. I don't know I gotta figure something out like I said eleven roles not panicking plenty still but keeping an eye on things that are happening with toilet paper so fly racing racer x podcasts. Seventy five six seven eight five seven. Give us a call. Let's let's welcome our guests on the show for stuff from fly racing flat racing dot com. It's JT Jason. What's up man? How are you pretty good? I am I'm still in my house. Which is unbelievable how much how much more time I can spend here. But I guess it's going to be a while Gods. I think you should hunker in for a little bit. Yeah I'M GONNA I'M GONNA be your ribbit right also on the on the line from racer x online. The man will do anything right now for work. He'll he'll voice over anything you want. He's so bored. It's Jason La again. What's up we each yeah? I'm ready? Cut some clips right now. We'll have some stuff on youtube and shout out to The great or hated depending on how you feel Joe Buck World Series and Super Bowl level announcer. Who started this trend? So I'm GonNa do it as well but no. I've actually busier than ever. This is terrible. We have to invent content instead of just going to a race and interviewing writers when it's done it's a lot harder now. Yeah it does out a little bit of challenge to things for sure Yeah it's it's different no doubt we. You're the one with the wife and the two kids and you're all in this house. How's things going? Yeah I was just talking to our own Erin Hansel about this if I was on quarantine with just my wife would have been awesome. That'd be great. I mean superfund. Instead were quarantined and home schooling. And I'm trying to work I. It's virtually impossible in this terrible so you're looking to trade for toilet paper. We'll give up to kid I until the paper I would trade it. I'll take the paper over the kids that that would make my life better for both mousy. Jt's alone so he's an or we're in three different situations meaning wife kids. Jt You're alone so we're all in different situations here the big problem that you don't like yourself it's it's hell over here. Yeah oh I hope Phil isn't alone now. Still has a special someone in his life. I think he's fine. Okay I do not want to be alone. So do we think Carol Baskin killed her husband where we at that like I was Kinda like Nah? He seems sketchy Costa Rica. He seems sketchy but someone who knew that he was never coming back. Drove that van to the To the airport where apparently none of the planes could reach Costa Rica and left the van there and the cops bungled that. I think he did it. Jt Oh yeah. She was She didn't like him. I think that was pretty clear like she was not happy. I think he'd Kinda gone off the deep end and she said he had crashed his plane a few times. Which that's neither here nor there but Yeah I I you never know. Though how these things are edited. You know they can. They can share a show to make you believe anything. Yeah it certainly seems that way on the surface we each carol baskin murderer or not. She seemed to have the will the money all figured out. Yeah I'M GONNA have this figured out well in advance. Exactly how it would go down for her to inherit all his money if he were to die or or they were the parents. Yeah that was the key superior food disappear right like so great. I don't think Netflix I mean they were they shooting for five years. This documentary. Did they know that it would launch at the exact time that the entire world looking to hear about something something to take us away from the actual news? It could not have been time better. If you don't know what we're talking about it's on net flicks is called Tiger King. It's seven part documentary and I have so many questions. I have so many questions and at some point I felt sorry for Carol. I felt sorry for Joe Exotic. I felt sorry for his husband's my my empathy switched from who I thought was the the greasy EST every single episode. Which is the sign of a good documentary? Jt Yeah I mean when you're talking about the Netflix part. Though this has been the greatest thing that's ever happened to them right when everyone is locked into their homes in there's no sports on TV and there's not a lot of live content you have arguably their greatest hit ever launch at the same time. There may be an investigation into the origins of the corona virus directly attributed to network. Because it's great to see small businesses like Netflix and Amazon. Really it's great to see these businesses need help. Get the boost right so hey so without getting too much into tagger. Can't biggest thing that I took. Biggest SURPRISE. Moment was Joe exotic flipping on an ems jacket when the girl got her arm bitten off and just right away like where did he come up with that? Where did he run with that? He wasn't wearing that when she was apparently found so he took the time to throw. Ems Jacket on the fact that they'd never had an incident in twenty years but he kept that jacket handy from the day that it might happen or flipping into the wedding the details into the priests outfit for the wedding right. I Won't funeral the funeral. Travel yes yeah through how to priests uniform ready to go. I think for me Jc I would assume he's got a little bit of everything I'm GW farm there My big surprise was his game that he has. It is incredible. How well he can pull dude. I mean I I can I say good looking dudes half his age. Yeah I don't know how he's able to do it. Then that's the new one was right away four weeks or six weeks. Whatever yeah right right away. No problem guys probably twenty. And he's like sixty third of his age very impressive. Yeah well I think the most unbelievable. They're this everything you could top or something else but my biggest takeaway of this entire show was then just what you're talking about his ability to lure in these These men and their you know eighteen to twenty two age range. These men were not gay. So could you imagine meeting something so bad? And I think he's GonNa be approaching this on solo paper. Yeah you would need you. Don't think so bad you have sex with someone of the same gender view although that wasn't your preferred partner like I don't even know how that's possible need something so bad. It was crystal Meth in this situation. We learned but rebounded. I couldn't believe that segment I watched it over and over. 'cause I was just trying to put myself in a place where I needed something that badly. I'll let you know in the toilet. Paper runs down because they could be that I could be there right now. Check it out. Everybody please Check it out. A net flicks the virtual supercross race that racer x online ran our Guy Cal. Him and his army seemed to be happy with that I lot of questions about that. You're not doing it the way I want to do it. But how? How was that experience? Well I did it for one reason. And one reason only Yes we have calabro around board now. the foremost name in Moto gaming I don't know if he wears that title proudly or not But it's just it is what it is is there. Is there journalistic facts? So I knew once. Nascar had their own Race which aired on Fox sports over the weekend that everyone's GonNa say hey great idea. Why don't you do that for Moto? But we'd already discussed this and we already knew it wouldn't work. Because here's the difference. Car Racers actually used simulators all day. Every day as practice and training they. You can't go out and test the race car. You know Monday Tuesday Wednesday like you can ride supercross bike. That guy's in our sports do so all they did was literally. Just turn on some cameras in each guy's house and then they just did what they do all the time. So yeah they had the actual Dale earnhardt junior and the actual Denny Hamlin actually racing in this virtual ray so I knew that it was going to say. Why don't you do that with Moto? Do you think Ken Robinson. Tomac had any video game skills at all. No I mean you're probably not right so it doesn't apply but I knew we're GonNa get it day after day so I I just wanted to get everybody off my back. I've thought about it. I'm aware that exist. I've talked to car drivers about these simulators they are. They told me about ninety seven percent accurate to what it's really like to race. We can't re yeah. This is amazing. What they've told me they feel the only part that these simulators have been a nail yet and there are computer programmers. Trying to figure this out. They can't quite get the feel of the sidewall of the car to be quite what it feels like a real race car. That's IT WOW. Philly missing So anyway we don't have that option but we do our best. Yeah Kellyn played. The game sent me. The file of the game being played which would be the Detroit supercross on the Monster Energy super-cross video game part three and then announced it. So yeah people really seem to like it. We can get away with anything next couple of weeks so I'm not I'm GonNa be full transparency here. I didn't make it to the end but did fly. Racing's Vince freeze win. The main second second things blake bagging. Get the win okay because Vince Vaughn Vince luck. I had a good lead passing Rockin late in the in the wolves. Jt That's when you think events passing on. The supercross sounds sounds pretty realistic. Yeah I thought. It was pretty neat. That's pretty cool and you did a good job of it. So there's content forty people there you go. I mean then killing hosted a alive of this simulator game last night on the Seattle track live last night. And that's he's been doing that for a while but yeah we- Racer X is on board. We've got to be now. Honestly I mean look some people may just laugh and say oh. It's stupid video games. Hey look people. It's something we're all trying to find something here. We're all in the same condition. We're all in the same boat so open up your mind and and embrace it a little bit and laugh at it or try to do what you can to stay busy and stay entertained right. I mean that's kind of what we're trying to do here. I don't feel that many people have been bagging on it. Okay good normal season yes they would but I feel like for the most part. Everybody's feeling. Yeah okay good. Good good to hear so qualify racing racer x podcast presented by Wrentham maxis and alias. Cbd Of course all on board.