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On It's morons in the news. Here's Bob and Sharon. Today's more on of the day is disgusting and revolting and selfish and horrible. He was caught in Missouri at the Grocery Store. Licking bottles of personal toiletry. Who'S SCARED OF CORONA VIRUS? And then he would run on the self and while never breaking I contact with the camera. He was licking shampoo bottles and Described HIMSELF AS A NASTY. Expletives deleted people are now he is being looked for right now to be arrested for what he's done. I think there's an actual crime tampering. I believe yeah so. It's you know there are people out there that are not doing a great job of social distancing people out there that really are not able to get away because their job doesn't let them and then there's this guy who understands that people are panic stricken and afraid and he's walking into the store and licking the shampoo. What I absolutely hate people like that you know. Does it say how old was? Does it say the police interesting yet? He looks like he's in is looking at the video. Which will post it. Looks like he's in his late Twenties Thirties. Somewhere around there. And in fact when you text the word Moron to eighty two six two seven four three seven we will send this person this criminal to your phone. And you'll also be automatically registered to win our special Bob and Sheri Hannitized sanitizer which is called people. Make me sick. We we had this before the current virus pandemic and we're just now giving it away to people who taxed more onto eight eight eight two six to seven or seven punishment should be for what this guy did honesty. I this is gonNA sound a little harsh but I think a couple of years in jail. Yeah if they catch this guy they need to make an example of absolutely disgusting to your fellow Americans. I'm you know I don't know it might be state by state thing. But after that terrible highland on so many people were sick and died. I think those laws are really strict now. So if you're heading out making a little pick talk video of yourself licking things. Don't go right now. We're on a couple became furious at a grocery store in Kentucky when they were not allowed to buy five hundred and fifty two cans of mountain dew because of purchase limits. While I know people of doing the do there but five hundred and fifty two cans first of all. How much are you drinking? The days of mountain to for the pandemics back where Florida man is back in jail for impersonating cop just a couple of days. After that same Florida man was arrested for impersonating the COP. His name is Louis Total Meyer. And he's old enough to know better because he's sixty. Investigators got a tip from a toll bridge attendant that shows them a video of a man flashing his law enforcement badge but there was something about him. That didn't sit right with toll collectors. He didn't want to pay two dollars toll. That's why he was flashing his badge. So police officers looked at the video and said we. We know this guy. We just arrested him for impersonating. And you're looking sheriff. Sheriff daily said quote. This guy is not learned. His lesson has no respect for two days after we released him and he's already up to his old tricks. He thinks he can get away with shoplifting. And paying tolls this fake badge. Think again from the second charge in two days. You know what he said to himself. He says what's the likelihood they're gonNA get me two days in a row and you rolled the dice of loss.

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