Japan postpones 2020 Summer Olympics to 2021


But with the children thanks the games I have to be rescheduled based on everything that's going on because if nobody wants to go and compete in and nobody wants a gold watch then Tokyo is going to really you know be tanked financially from this so prime minister Shinzo Ave spoke to the head of the IOC and proposed the delay it's going to be rescheduled beyond twenty twenty but not later than summer twenty twenty one now the Olympics have never been to lead up before I thought there was a delay one of the Olympics and forget I thought it was it had to be delayed into October of one year the summer Olympics once I think was in the sixties had to be delayed to October forget why but they were canceled back in nineteen sixteen nineteen forty and nineteen forty four I'm C. nineteen forty nineteen forty four was during divorce will work till so the gains have to be rescheduled to a day beyond twenty twenty but not later than summer twenty twenty one accord the international Olympic committee I guess that we they write the rules as they go originally the rules work you will have to deal with in twenty twenty and they realize well then it one of the summer Olympics if we have to wait till after the summers of the cold so Tokyo governor Yuriko Cole Leakey said vads the name of the delayed Olympics will still be Tokyo twenty twenty well because that's what all the gear and all the you know swag and everything says so it's not going to be called the twenty twenty one I think it's really really important for Olympic staff even number years even numbers on there so he made a comment to reporters or she'd made the comments are part of the vision part minister Shinzo abi spoke to the head of the national of the committee let me see here IOC president Thomas Bach has agreed one hundred percent of the falls from a proposal and then said the decision was about protecting human life fox said the new dates for the new games to be postponed during peace time would be decided by an IOC panel overseeing the gains in Tokyo organizers yeah it's very expensive we've talked about how cities take a big hit whenever they do Olympics because Olympics village the stadiums it's really hard to get your money back Atlanta has a really nice Olympic area it it it has like you know Olympic village and you know you get to see it except I just don't know how much money they make off of that but the average you know state country city whatever it doesn't seem to do well post Olympics from what we understand it's an absolute mess when you have all these consumers come and spend money and then you know they leave so what do not have an Olympics after spending all that money to prepare and it takes years to prepare that alone can just crash Japan's economy without even talking about you know the Olympics or the court of ours so when they see the current pandemic has already helped push Japan towards recession the GDP contracted one point eight percent in the October December quarter an economist at research firm Fitch on Monday revises twenty twenty growth forecast for Japan to negative one point one percent from negative point to and he said the postponement will worsen it significantly and impact their GDP the three point five point eight percentage points hence the postponement would badly affect Japanese consumer confidence they do not know what it would do to the two hundred forty billion yen if Japan has issues then we have issues obviously because we're all you know in an economy together Tokyo twenty twenty organizers declined to say how many foreign visitors expect to visit Japan specifically to watch this one action I remember they still have aftermath of Fukushima not so much a literal radiation aftermath but you don't have a lot of people very excited to you know also go to an area that had you know the tsunami and then you know the nuclear fallout from that so my guess is even if the Tokyo Olympics are postponed I don't believe that it's going to still be as much of a economic you know windfall as people

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