Increasing Racism in the Time of Coronavirus

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Asian Americans have historically experienced racism and xenophobia during times of war and disease in fact acts of racism against Asian Americans due to cove in nineteen have already been taking place across the US. And the world in cities like Seattle Albuquerque New York London. I can't help. But think of Vincent Chin at this time Chin was a Chinese American man who was beaten to death by two white men Ronald Evans Michael Nitz after a bar. Fight in Highland Park Michigan in Nineteen eighty-two Eban's was a Chrysler plant supervisor in knits laid off auto worker because Chin was Asian. They blamed him and the rising Japanese auto industry for the decline of American automakers. Vincent Chin was Chinese American and he was beaten to death with a baseball bat so hard that his skull cracked open. His murderers never spent a day in jail. What happened to me is nothing compared to what happened to Vincent Chin? But what happened me is just one of an increasing number of anti-asian racist acts some of them violent taking place across the US and the world and it does not help that. The President of the United States Donald Trump is calling cove nineteen knocked by. It's given scientific name but by name. He completely made up the Chinese virus. There are some at least one went off official who use the term Kung Fu referring to the fact that this virus started in China. Is that acceptable? Is it wrong? Are you worried that having this virus the talked about as as a Chinese virus that that my order? Who certainly that? I'm not sure if the person's name but would you consider the fact that the person at the White House used the term flu. My question is that wrong conflict and do you think using the term Chinese virus that Asian Americans address that people in General. I think they probably would agree with one. Hundred percent comes from China. There's nothing not to grow. How about last question now? You might think it's true. Cove in nineteen came from China. It's a Chinese virus in their other diseases. That have been named after the places they came from like Ebola in Murs or Middle East Respiratory Syndrome. Look there's no denying we're covered nineteen came from but to call it. The Chinese virus without any context create some serious problems in America. It puts not just Chinese Americans but all Asian Americans endanger and frankly. It's way detract from the federal government's failure to take this virus seriously from the beginning. By the way in two thousand fifteen the World Health Organization actually issued best practices for the naming of new infectious diseases which discouraged the use of naming them after geographic locations. The new guidelines aimed to quote minimize negative impact on trade travel tourism or animal welfare end to quote avoid causing offense to any cultural social national regional professional or ethnic groups. Now you might think. Oh that's just ridiculous political correctness but did you know that in the nineteen eighty s aids was first called Grid Gay Related Immune deficiency this made people think aids was gay cancer. They literally called it. That which fueled discrimination against the gay community in severely stalled much needed services in efforts to search for a cure. You can listen to the episode hymies story to learn more about it might be worth mentioning that the two thousand nine h one n one influenza virus also known as swine flu was first detected in people in the United States calling it the American flu would have been

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