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Up thirteen witnessed on four


Of the B. Q. we we've got the earlier car fire now out of the way but behind it is an absolute mess right now the spell be can be all sorts of slow right now from industry city up to the Brooklyn Bridge this should start to dissipate now that the earlier accident though is out of the way northbound van awake has already gotten better getting up towards the area of the Long Island expressway some wagers tells of a crash on the northbound turnpike truck lanes getting up towards interchange thirteen just past the gospels bridge so stay with a northbound car lanes while we look into that here's what you need to know about the bridges and tunnels inbound George to good go to the upper and lower there's no bad way out the

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Up thirteen witnessed on four

10 10 WINS 24 Hour News 2 months ago

New accident in the Altamont pass the great line offer for peace five eighty car versus a pick up

Mike Gallagher 50 min ago

For business with a list of businesses all across the state tristate that remain open

Midday News 1 hr ago

Traffic is reacting accordingly they're not happy from fifteenth street to twenty fourth street so

10 10 WINS 24 Hour News 1 hr ago

Checking in southeast on Martin Luther king junior Avenue at MalcolmX Avenue there we had reports of a vehicle fire

WTOP 24 Hour News 2 hrs ago

Three oh one seven one five eighty one ninety nine today

WTOP 24 Hour News 2 hrs ago

Vice President, Washington And Houston Rayford North Carolina discussed on 10 10 WINS 24 Hour News

10 10 WINS 24 Hour News 2 hrs ago

Much less damage to stores here in Manhattan from what I've seen

10 10 WINS 24 Hour News 5 hrs ago

But not the kind of wide spread and some say systematic and perhaps even pre planned looting

10 10 WINS 24 Hour News 7 hrs ago

And when you give us twenty

10 10 WINS 24 Hour News 8 hrs ago

A little slow just the entire length of the bridge coming into west bound because the overnight road work

KYW 24 Hour News 9 hrs ago