No vaccine, no American fans in stands - says poll


There is a poll that has been taken and the results were released today Seton hall university's Stillman school of business I guess has a run this poll and what they were looking at is would you go back to sporting games once the quote unquote corona virus epidemic is over and there's a lot of interesting things that came out of this poll yeah I've been pretty consistent in the fact that I've said I think even once you open the doors up to fans that there's not going to be this massive rush of people to flood stadiums but we've we've been beat over the head about this virus in the epidemic and sheltering and social distancing and in terms of verbiage that are new to the American lexicon in fact I guarantee you that when the what is it the new Webster's dictionary come out they always have like new words and phrases social distancing is going to be in there what what is it that should be sheltering OB they'll they'll be things that will be like added in there that we've not used up before so with the survey that they did that's what they do what they would do if the league's resume play before a development of a back of a vaccine for coronavirus seventy two percent of Americans said they would not attend games with twelve percent saying they would give social distancing can be maintained only thirteen percent said they would feel safe attending games as in the past and they say among sports fans the number drops to a still significant sixty one percent so think about that seventy two percent basically just about three out of four people say that they would not be attending sporting events once they start back up and even among sports fans six out of ten are saying that they will attend as well now I understand you may be kind of in your cars at all that's ridiculous or woefully underrated I come after your home right now or not your laptop at nineteen and the game dot com they are ridiculous I can't wait to go yeah I think there is a vocal minority of people that are ready for games they happen and get back into that environment I want to go to tourist park I want to go to Sanford stadium I want to go to Bobby Dodd I want to go to Mercedes Benz to watch Elaine United I get that there is a hard core faction of people but I don't think it's as big as what some people are are trying to lead you to believe it went when you beat people over the head to at it this is fair or unfair right or wrong okay I'm gonna let you out there the listener land decide what we've been as American society right now have been beat over the head about social distancing shelter in place self quarantining staying away from other people and like it or not the perception of what this virus is is that if you get around people you're going to get infected

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