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They were right it looks like it's a pretty small amount


Talent because they did for a long time I don't understand why Glenn said he did although I've always interviewed I've always thought Glenn out as in a B. because he would say things the organization at times we get concerned what I was calling games and also hosted my radio show when I would interview Glenn I do it because I got a job over there to do to but the thing is Adam you jump in what Philip said to both people what was legally allowed that is a huge question on I'm sure they were they were so afraid of putting down because of the Joe Smith the asco but we've all been there before were you when I am the same circumstances and I look at it one way you look at another and clearly how Kevin and Glenn interpret what flip told each one of them and the weather was told collectively is so dramatically different than I do listen most importantly my friend for for for thirty some years I mean it was a decade plus my left outside Kathleen was married to the time I talk to flip more than anybody else in my life so I miss him a lot as in Paris and how Debby Ryan the girls missed him in and and their family but I'd love to know

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They were right it looks like it's a pretty small amount

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