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Do you visited this village in Japan user Hari or as they call it the village of long life


It the village of long life I understand the people had unusually high H. A. levels in this village what you find when you met the people is is this is a genetic disease dietary what did you see well I went there again for the second time with translators photographers and it was easy to understand without studies without the you know the town doctor there doctor Kumari has identified hyaluronic acid is the very reason why these people in years very Hara exhibit such usefulness and by the way they have a lady there in her nineties without any aging spots on her skin perfect skin no wrinkles whatsoever people living into their eighties and nineties look a lot younger and it all became clear when we were there that they grow a lot of their own vegetables and foods right there near their homes and they have a lot of fresh food and sometimes they have a little extracellular it's double market can bring their goods they are to be sold so we were there taking pictures and interviewing people when eighty three year old Mr is she came driving in on his motorcycle to deliver his vegetables to the fruit market where do we have in the United States eighty three year old drive in their motorcycle down to the vegetable market we don't have it we followed him to his home or use up on a thirty foot ladder I trimming a tree he works in the field about four to six hours a day any introduced us to his neighbor who is ninety years old without a wrinkle on its face either of them use reading glasses and of course hi he works about six to eight hours out in the field every day this was remarkable I almost felt that I would say in some sort of a place where the dinosaurs are still living or something that was so remarkable these people just exhibit a usefulness a a flexibility in their joint certainly helpful mess that we just don't see everywhere else in fact it was so remarkable that the emperor of Japan actually has visited this village pictures were taken there you could see them all over the village there as they have posted them so this had stood out and of course Connie Chung ABC news twenty twenty had gone to visit there in the year two thousand this was originally on television you can see the actual pictures for yourself but the HA revolution has come here Pat and of course we've had three years of use of HA but we could lose people in the science so they want to know what's real is this for real well it's real for Tom the rights to it the pharmacist snail from Santa Cruz California seventy years of age participating in the whole wide Iron Man contest in Kona Hawaii this past year seventy years old he said this new HA formulas for the joints did a great job not certainly a pharmacist with now here's John writing to me and saying you know at age fifty five boy when I tried HA I'm now back to playing full court basketball but the twenty year old and I've even begun to jog again these are the kinds of reports that we hear me answer question here you mentioned the glucosamine and there's another one out there this pretty popular MSM how is this AJ stack up against those other ones the other ones you have to take them for a while before you even see any results and most of these are very positive dietary supplements they certainly have a lot of benefits good cost me takes quite awhile to kick in MSM is a wonderful offer compound and again it's an anti inflammatory as are many things like fish oils these are all wonderful but they're not dealing with the origin of the problem the origin of the problem is the loss of cushioning in the joint and if we can just replace that if we can find a way to get that cushioning back that's what we call usefulness that's what we had when we were young here's David right into me from New York twenty five years looking for something that would help support his lower back and of course he said I can't believe it now he says they can't thank you enough for this product people have tried all the alternatives they've searched everywhere else Pat and they haven't heard of hyaluronic acid now the re order rates on HA sort of tell me the things are phenomenal the product works the study shows how but what are customers saying what are they telling you candidly what are they saying the bill Sardi if the horses come back to the profit must be good water there it's amazing to me how people think just keep sending death it's wonderful it changed my life here's Lorraine saying I can't believe it but I'm able to run I love it run five miles a day my skin nails they're great telling everybody about it these are online you can go see some of these comments the product has it online where people just log in and tell you that these are edited in any way your brand right no one of purity products made an outlandish claim about HA dry formula but three days after I started taking it I noticed the difference this stuff really works it's your own personal discovery that's why the product want you to have this bottle you call nobody's gonna help you you call that number they're going to send you a follow up all month supply eight you can and do it without any arrests you just kick in a few Bucks and your going to experience this for yourself why the people who've written in and that all these wonderful things there's Herald eighty fifth year he says I'm in it as I'm doing very well on eighty eight thank you very much here's jasmine thank my face look more east and youthful and I'm getting people asking me about what I might take you of

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