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Eight seven three seven sixty


You get behind there was a story line Belichick and the patriots is so hot all they do is within the two would quietly telecheck never says a word I mean Brady talk soon I was going to tell me the most exciting thing about the patriots is avocado ice cream you know I who wants to see the pads again they play in every big game during the Superbowl year after year there's never any personality never get ME Gronk's amate maniac or give you that won't have a lot of fun but I mean ultimately as the years went on here I mean just the patriots were just so I want to see them anymore so it would be it was tough watching you know Jordan in a wizard uniform because of how great those both teams wore and how exciting they were and the brand of basketball they played I mean the teachers had the great undefeated year and Brady threw touchdown passes all over the place and I mean they make great plays defensive play the goal line against Seattle wants to boulder the comeback against the falcons and that's super bowls there are moments some of Tonya there aren't moments but after a while I just felt like part of me is just I've had enough so when I look at Brady here and I just say to myself what's the appeal of continuing this patriot run what's the appeal of staying there and not taking the chance of really elevating your legacy if you don't already think he's the greatest he can't add to it in the story books no one will remember whether he won six or seven I it he's already won so much they've already won so much that it's beyond that it's B. it's just you know they they won how many got on it was a soul mate they're in there so they were ever there you there in the A. C. championship game every how many in a row I don't know Levin twelve seventeen I don't know how many in a row they were but it believe me was like every year New England Tom Brady bill Belichick having a bye and playing the Kansas City Chiefs in the AFC championship next year's now story plus story it'll be the same story lines you know Brady or Brady verse Mahomes Belcher agreed you know the hill it'll be the same story lines that I'm sick of having a new storyline of compelling can Bella check build a program now with a new quarterback because I'm telling you right now okay yeah cal boys box N. F. C. championship that's a

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Eight seven three seven sixty

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