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Trump sends mixed messages on Defense Production Act


Adams the president signed the defense production act he can essentially order companies to manufacture these supplies the medical professionals so professional so desperately need at this point why isn't the government doing that the government is using the defense production act to get people to the table we've worked with three M. we worked at Honeywell they are already at Max production here's the thing people don't understand you don't need to compel someone to do something that they are already doing and so you know every single day there people looking and saying do we need to compel someone to do this let's make the call okay they're already at Max production they're already working around the clock and again we are using the stockpile and female to get resources that the people who need it we're finding new and innovative people who are stepping up and volunteering like Haynes would never thought that Haynes would be able to produce surgical masks are there using mass yeah we're hearing of reports of shortages on personal protective equipment and you're saying we're already at mass mass production does that mean shortages are just going to be the way it is well we know that there are going to be shortages in some areas and that's why I actually wrote an op ed calling on people to stop elective surgeries we need to make sure the supplies are getting to New York to California watching to the plate to the place and they need and they can't get there if people are out somewhere else where they don't have C. cases right now doing elective procedures I'm going to make sure we strategically moving via the personal protective equipment supplies to where it is most needed and that's both apply in driving down demand doctor I like to ask you about things getting worse and when we might be able to pull back on some of these restrictions on movement the president tweeted recently we cannot let the carer be worse than the problem itself and I think a lot of people would agree that this economic shutdown is very painful for people but from a medical perspective realistically is there any chance at the end of this fifteen day period we're just gonna go back to anything like normal for what we know it's going to be a while before life gets back to normal and here's what what I want America to know we don't want to wait for fifteen days we don't want to wait another day I'm looking at that time I'm driving in and seeing people out all over the place getting ready for it for cherry blossoms on you you got you sick look on the news and you see people still at beaches we don't have a date a waste and what we need to do is focus on today this hour doctor right now how far away from the peak of this do you think we are because some people have said it's it's not before the end of April well when you look at the China data they were able to hit their peak and come back down get about six to eight weeks when you look at the elite data they're still going out so we are somewhere between the two and it's going to be up to everyone coming together to drive down demand to determine whether our current bins in the direction of China in six to eight weeks or whether bends towards Italy and unfortunately we're seeing that New York is approaching Italy why because the numbers that you see of cases reflect what happened two weeks ago into many people are waiting too long to really take the fifteen days to stop the spread initiative China doctor China didn't have a fifteen days to stop the spread voluntary restrictions they're much more draconian inadequate are you saying we need more stringent recommendations won't pay in the United States so we have a system of federalism and the governors are in charge of determining what's appropriate to their states here's what I'm saying and we work we worked well with with many of the governors with most of the governors we need everyone if you want seen cases right now now is the time you need to be making sure you're doing the things so that you don't become the next New York or the

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Trump sends mixed messages on Defense Production Act

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