New York governor Cuomo orders hospitals to increase capacity by 50%


Than forty. Three Thousand Corona virus cases have been confirmed in the US at the time of this recording though experts say the true number is much higher yesterday. Saw the first day where more than one hundred people died in the US. In a single twenty hour period the focus continues to be on New York City New York State. Where the governor is requiring hospitals to increase capacity by at least fifty percent. New York state saw a one day increase of nearly five thousand cases bringing the total to twenty one thousand six hundred eighty nine cases in the state as of Monday night and I went to continue to make note of two things from the New York and New York City numbers. New York State has now done seventy eight thousand tests. The state is approaching the per capita testing numbers of the entire country of Korea and the demographics in New York continued to be concerning fifty. Eight percent of confirmed cases in the state are under the age of fifty forty. Six percent of cases in the state are aged eighteen to forty four

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