New York - Cuomo, de Blasio disagree over school restart amid coronavirus


There's there's word word from from city city hall hall of of some some new new coronavirus coronavirus test test sites sites that that will will be be going going up up in in the the communities communities that that have have the the greatest greatest needs needs and and those those were were the the merits merits as as the the virus virus is is hitting hitting the the hardest hardest and and here the governor still not seeing eye to eye on when the schools are going to re opens let's get more on that from Glenn Schuck live at city hall this morning Klein and that's a given those sites out right away leave the city to be opening up these in the days ahead in Morrisania in the Bronx Jamaica queens of the Clifton section of Staten Island also in east New York Brooklyn and one in Harlem as well and we'll get you the information about that throughout the morning there's some hope as well as a number of people hospitalized is the lowest new patients at least in a month even as the staggering death toll continues now regarding the opening of those schools here in New York City governor Cuomo feels it's his call but mayor Blasio says nope it's ME transfer crimes and I as I said consulted widely with health care experts with the folks who do the work in our schools about the mayor and the governor do seem to agree about one thing lead that would be about the use of a face protection will also do an executive order today which directs employers to provide essential workers with a cloth of surgical face masks to their employees when they are interacting with the public

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