NBA star's mother dies from coronavirus complications


Real sad news a mother of Minnesota Timberwolves star Karl Anthony towns Jacqueline Cruz towns died due to complications from the corona virus back on March twenty fifth you may recall Karl Anthony towns posted an emotional video on his Instagram page detailing how his mother was on a ventilator and had to be placed in a medically induced coma to deal with the cove in nineteen her condition apparently worsened over the last two weeks by the way towns is dad also tested positive for the virus but he did much better he was hospitalized and began to recover and he is okay the family issued a statement describing Jacqueline Cruz towns as the matriarch of the town's family an incredible source of strength fiery caring and extremely loving person who touched everyone she met a native of the Dominican Republic Jacqueline Cruz towns worked in the medical department at Rutgers for twenty years she was just fifty eight

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