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Hey now I am bureau host ric and this episode with guest. Melissa Roy was recorded back in late February while there was ample concerned in regard to cove it at that time especially in a place like China in much of the world. Business went about as normal in fact. I left Bangkok on March. Second to start an eight week trip. That would take the Berlin for two conferences West Africa for a month and then a couple of weeks in Yerevan for my annual visit. All these plans were made in vain. My to conferences and Berlin were cancelled including travel massive form. As I was on my flight after Bruin then went and met my friends. Indycar for the start of our road trip on March fifteenth on her first day Gambia. We had a team dinner where we decided to cancel the trip into leave. Banjul the following day. While I was really disappointed in just several more days this look like in the stupid decision borders inflates began to close and cancel like dominoes. I'm now in Bangkok self quarantining. And of course social distancing prior to the STREP trip I recorded and finished episodes April May and June but made sense to re record this opening introduction to be more attuned to current situations. So I'm wishing everyone safe health. I encourage you to listen to fact Bay signed and I hope for a quick end to this virus which threatens many as well as the global economy speaking to like minded people like you. This is an odd time for many of us so often we're on a trip and if not planning for the next one this passion for expiration is part of our DNA and many for many of us. It's a tremendous personal frustration to be walked at home or even stranded in a foreign will cow. Whatever you can do try and make this time fruitful and productive in reach out to your loved ones friends and even strangers to lend a hand and now back to our regularly scheduled interview. I reached out to Melissa. Shortly after she announced her complement of traveling every country in the world social media traditional media began reporting that she was the first woman of South Asian heritage to complete this quest on cannon countries. I'm always looking for diverse voices whether that's nationality ethnicity religion or any other differentiator and it's great to get other perspectives. A reminder my monthly reminder coun- countries is part of Petri on you can be a great supporter like Steph road. Ted mims be some miles Ryan dashed or Stephen Rothwell and Adam Hickman. They get to listen to extra content like the extra interview. I did with Melissa only for them. Untamed borders is the sponsor of counting countries focuses on challenging locations for those chasing one ninety three James and I decided to replace the interview. We had previously recorded in regard to my visit to Afghanistan within updated interview on the current situation. Please listen then to James Wilcox founder of untamed borders James. Welcome back to counting countries This time we are having you back to give us an update and more challenging in dire times with Cova. Nineteen in your intro goal. Part of the travel community stream travel community. You're taking us to places which are really challenging locations so first of all I want to check in with you and see you're doing and how things are in the UK May personally I'm fine. actually been Last week so who knows what that actually What that actually is but as far as Healthwise the team The guy on the stuff that we use the countries who many people may have met whilst in in other circumstances of fine and obviously the you know the reality of the world has changed kind of shown travel leisure To be as important as it radiates in the in the grand scheme of life which is which is not that important but generally weight. Well I hope you'll your cash flow vic. Thanks James Yep am self quarantining and social distancing as we speak so this covert thing just seemed to really accelerate very quickly When things really started hitting the fan were any of your trips In action at that point. Did you have to close trips out early? Evacuate People What was the situation? Yeah exactly what I think. The the weekend of I think it was the fourteenth fifteenth of March around that weekend Things inching to accelerate very quickly. We had a good trip to Syria Which was due to start on that weekend and we we with. I think about thirty six hours before it started really had a couple of guests had arrived in Lebanon on that trip. We had a good trip to south. Sudan was finishing event that we can. We had one guest Continuing onto a national park in the far south of South Sudan and we had to call him back early to make sure he could leave Juba Juba F. O. Had a tip from someone from the UN that the EPA was going to close on Monday night so we had to get that person out at one of our team who was on that trip Is is accusing self contained in South Africa at the moment So yet that we can things did seem to. Things did accelerate Very quickly and as soon as we sold that we we did anticipate that travel was going to be restricted due to coke in nineteen With with total guests trips coming up at the we had concerned we wanted to in this situation but that we candidate accelerate very fast. As I'm sure you will what How was it with you around that time it? Yeah somewhat of a similar circumstance timeline wise. I was in Senegal Gambia. Over March fifteenth or so Sunday In after we crossed into Gambia on the evening of the fifteenth Me In the fellow. Travelers IS WITH. We kind of had a team dinner and we cancelled we build on our month trip to. West Africa and flew home on the sixteenth Monday and got a directly direct flight OUTTA Gambia to to Turkey and onwards to Bangkok James so just give us kind of a brief update of the trips that were already in place so to speak but How's this affecting untamed borders right now. What's what's this mean to the business. I mean the May decide Travel any description in the show. Possibly to medium-term is just not going to happen and when travel begins it will be you know. People start traveling again Who knows when that will start at who knows when that will stop being to some of the areas that we We guided so for the moment We people with upcoming trips. Having given the option to to cancel to move their trips to late nights. We've got people who've moved onto trips towards the end of twenty twenty meeting trips into twenty twenty one so we're planning We're hoping that we will be able to resume in the in the medium term but we Planning the tangle this will be solid enough and resilience enough to take a long pause out and ready to go it again. Um whenever trouble begins as you know. I've got extremism connection especially with Afghanistan Pakistan and when travel begins again will be will be guiding again It might mean that. Have to do some other. Bits and bobs and make ends meet and things like that in the meantime But we back. We will be guiding assumes. We're able to

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