NYC mayor and governor are at odds over continued school closures



There are now at least five hundred fifty seven thousand cases of corona virus in the United States more than twenty two thousand people have died from it New York state alone has more infection cases than any country the largest public school system in the U. S. has been closed for a month the mayor of New York says they need to stay closed through the end of the academic year but over the weekend the governor pushed back on that these two guys do not like one another and they're not afraid to show it correspondent Steve casted bomb has the back and forth on Saturday New York's mayor surprised a lot of people with his announcement saying that he would keep schools closed for the rest of the school year and focus on resuming in classroom education in September within September is a good day to think about when things get more fully back to normal R. and we know it will take a different kind of approach than we've ever had it seems to be something that caught governor Andrew Cuomo by surprise in the mayor's position which is keeping schools should be canceled for the rest of the year when we made the decision to close the schools we made it for the entire metropolitan region you can't make a decision just within New York City without coordinating that decision with the whole metropolitan region he said build Blasio didn't have the legal authority to make the unilateral decision it is my legal authority in this situation yes in fact the governor ordered schools to close back then after mayor de Blasio was reluctant to do so at the time even though he was under tremendous pressure from teachers and others to close the system the mayor and the governor apparently spoke afterwards and there still seem to be some difference of opinion between the two on Sunday our job is to protect the children New York City to protect the family's New York City to protect our educators and our job is to make sure that we beat back the coronavirus once and for all it's abundantly clear that to do those things we have to keep our schools close for the remainder of the school year first we have to have a coordinated approach on the reactivation if you will schools businesses workforce transportation it all has to be coordinated number two it all has to be coordinated regionally governor Cuomo argued that you can't make the call now on schools without knowing where things will be in may he said if it's safe to reopen businesses becomes problematic to do so while keeping schools closed

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