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I'm Steve K. Frendo moves from the trump administration as a stressed economy deals with the effects of the corona virus White House correspondent Steven Portnoy as it seeks approval for an eight hundred fifty billion dollar stimulus package the White House has decided to set aside a proposed payroll tax holiday since its benefits would be realized over a period of months instead treasury secretary Steve Mnuchin says the priority is getting government checks immediately into people's hands we have to do this now a likely amount one thousand dollar cash payments Mnuchin also says the IRS is giving taxpayers who owe ninety more days to make their payments after April fifteenth Steven Portnoy a CBS news Washington it's been an encouraging day on Wall Street after yesterday's stock wipe out right now the Dow is up about six hundred points market strategist art Hogan we've done a lot of damage in a very short period of time feels like the market wants to stabilize at least for a couple of days the fed took no action today to help credit markets and get short term credit into the hands of strapped banks and businesses another state is taking action to keep people from gathering to close for too long I'm Peter king in Orlando Florida governor Ron de Santis is ordered bars and clubs shut down as of five this afternoon he's told restaurants to reduce seating capacity and the C. diners further apart Orlando mayor buddy Dyer is gone one step further in terms of alcohol banning sales of booze for consumption on premises stores are still allowed to sell beer wine and liquor to go New York has been hard hit by the coronavirus in governor Andrew Cuomo says the demand for hospital beds in that state could outstrip current capacity by tens of thousands when cases of the virus said an expected peak in forty five days we need more nurses and doctors as I said we're going back to the retired nurses and doctors were going to medical schools were going to nursing schools to increase that supply vice president pence said today he's calling on construction companies to donate special all safety masks to their local health care facilities Medicare's going to expand coverage for seniors to get needs met while staying at home Ohio postpone today's presidential primary because of the virus voting is going on though in Florida Arizona and Illinois Kentucky Derby scheduled for may second spin postponed to September fifth after more than two decades with the New England Patriots and six Super Bowl titles Tom Brady is calling an audible.

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