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Galveston city to close bars, restrict restaurants to takeout as county adopts less-sweeping rules than Houston


Well the first Galveston county resident testing positive for the corona virus he's a man between forty five and fifty with no history of recent travel or contact with anyone who has the virus comes again to judge Mark Henry defending his decision not to close bars and restaurants over corona virus saying the circumstances are much different than in Houston we probably have a few days to a week to make those decisions because an hour one case a Harris County has eight cases and they know things are not telling telling you you so so right right now now we we have have time time to to go go through through and and look look at at both both legal legal authorities authorities and and also also what what are are the the proper proper recommendations recommendations but but late late in in the the day day yesterday yesterday Galveston Galveston mayor mayor Jim Jim Yarbrough issued an order closing all bars attractions at amusement venues in the city limits and limiting restaurants in the city to only take out drive thru or delivery

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