New York - N.J. steps up to help front-line workers


It is often said that if you want something done ask a busy person such is the case with Amy Frank Goldman she runs her own wealth management firm in New Jersey she's also home schooling her daughter currently recovering from the corona virus and just last week launched the local chapter of the front line appreciation group on Facebook where she helped raise money for men and women on the front lines of the pandemic she's here to talk about her group AB how did this begin for you I would think about what it really cross the river from New York City and we were around for nine eleven but all the started blowing up and we're watching what happens in New York City I didn't think I had to do something so I started looking around for the opportunity that kind of help the front line workers who believe that the not the front end of this but also I kept seeing all these stories about small businesses that were struggling with self you know if we were to show our appreciation for the people who are online why can't we do that by using local restaurants to to fund that goal to give some of that money back into the community out there I started a page on Facebook and it just went bananas so how does it work so basically what we do is we take a donation from the people who work during the day of the FIFA pages they are both of them on the peacock set up in those two nations are used to pay local restaurants to deliver meals to a number of different areas of the province so far would cover your rooms I see rooms in hospitals has been silent again care center others a certain hotline whether entering the coronavirus called for the town in city hall you ought to put areas will actually branching out into pharmacist store clerk so even in little league international appreciation to all the people who are out there leading up function in the new normal that we have so what's cooperation but like if you have a lot of buy in from supporters it's been incredible we have two thousand members in the group demanded money that we raise is is truly inspirational and it didn't go to do things that you know initially I thought we'd be able to provide a couple meals but now it looks like we'll be able to do that for weeks a month or south based on the money that was raised well for speak with Anne Frank golden she's the founder of the Hoboken and Jersey city New Jersey frontline appreciation group on Facebook they're raising money for health care workers so in terms of distribution do you have volunteers deliver things out of that and work with the beautiful about it so what about certain Hoboken hello they had a delivery business but for the most part eleven had done in Florida right so they can bring a lot of those restaurant into delivery only in their delivery people that work for those first on to the ones that have been facilitating the delivery and it's been kind of a fun experience because I love to share the photos of the food and preparing an offer the food in the hands of the into the front line people also the nurses the doctors they've actually receive the food in a long time some of the donors wanted me to deliver themselves and sending pictures of themselves like him to come over to the nurses station which is like a really cool thing to see you know Willie so have the health care workers responded well they probably domino's just hopes I think I think that they have a lot more variety in the lab options and that's another thing I try to make it through the week of the nutrient dense now that their job is not just mentally taxing the critical impact with while so serving them pizza and sub five need to week seven to week that's really not going to be the fact that he's a resources so I'm very specific when they speak the restaurant about what they're preparing for them making sure they're getting a good meal but you know that the end of the day it's really comes from the heart in the two people who I don't wanna call them unsung heroes but in normal times were not in the time of the pandemic or crisis of course people appreciate what they do you know what it really comes before court right now for those around the country listening who aren't familiar Jersey city and Hoboken very heavily populated areas certainly no choices of food right have you gone out on a limb and thrown something exotic at these health care workers I'm sure that we had a vegan restaurant a little bit you know what we've got everything from Italian to Thai food in Indian food coming later this week so it's definitely a lot of variety I think the one joint I so I think I saw a stat from small business owners generally speaking who say they're down to like eighty percent of business at this point under this under these restrictions because they're limited to just take out or delivery anybody say that what you're doing is helping keep them afloat and they might otherwise close account for me is that I want to be fair and sometimes give the opportunity probably have everybody's gotten Hoboken to participate before I go back to him he has already done a delivery so for being realistic you know five or six hundred on delivery you can change the bottom line over a week two weeks three weeks for a company or for a cyclical restaurant what I'm trying to do is when we were away please post operative could show the health care workers I always put the link to that restaurant in the in the polls and I think you're considering going out thing to consider this restaurant what I'm trying to bring awareness to these small business owners the people know that they're delivering other they're still out there and maybe they have a doctor orders not restaurant in awhile or maybe they had ordered the question before and so now in addition to being able to provide something for the front line we're getting a little bit of P. are the people who are helping us make that happen well that is Amy Amy Frank Goldman again head of her local chapter of the front line appreciation group on Facebook in

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