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Zoom accused of misleading users with 'end-to-end encryption' claims


Right let's talk a little bit about zoom. Let's do it Zim clams that mutations that have no participants on the phone are secured with end to end encryption K. That sounds fine. The intercept though reports that zoom uses. What's known as transport encryption using T- alas which let's zoom access unencrypted video and audio from meetings for ad targeting purposes as zoom spokesperson told the intercept quotes? When we use the phrase end to end. In our other literature it is in reference to the connection being encrypted from Zoom and point to zoom end points and currently it's not possible to enable e two e encryption for zoom video means a user's filed suit against Zoom in San Jose California Federal Court over. Its used to the FACEBOOK API to share data with facebook without disclosing it to zoom customers. Zoom has since removed the function from. Its Iowa's APP. And finally malware researcher found that zoom it used pre installation scripts to unpack the APP in place in the APPs folder on Mac os and uses a misleading prompt to gain root privileges. This is not militias itself but it is a method used by malware. Just a little shady. The lawsuit has to do with something that the zoom is walking back now but saying your end to end encryption. Because it's encrypted between the zoom and points is a very creative way of redefining end to end encryption and is not end to end encryption and then encryption is what signal does. It's what apple does with. Facetime and apple does multi multi person video chat that is end to end encrypted. Meaning that Apple doesn't have the keys and cannot see what's happening saying it's end to end from zoom and point to zoom in point says. Oh we can see what is going on in your video chat if we need to. That means that they could possibly access recordings. That means that if a government came and said you have to hand this over that they would be compelled legally to handle it over because they have access to it that is not into corruption. And I'm not saying you should stop using zoom. Facebook MESSENGER is also not decrypted at this point and plenty of people use it. All I'm saying is you should know it's not into end. Encrypted when you use it that it is encrypted in transport and that's fine as long as you don't need it to be undo an encrypted and like Shannon said on our show on Friday if you need a higher level of encryption you might want to look at signal or something else to us rather than zoom but I just think it's. It's this is the problem with zoom. It's just Kinda shady. How it it does this sort of thing where it's like yeah we're ending encrypted between zoom and points. It's like that's not what that means. Come on stop it.

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Zoom accused of misleading users with 'end-to-end encryption' claims

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