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Join Forces to Create Unique Hair Education, with Katrina Kelly and Conor Doyle


Between of being lockdown. I've had all of the emotions like every kind of emotion I've had from the week before the business had to close to decide what what we were going to do before the government do told was and then the first week I was kind of lazy and then the second week I was just enjoying the moment of quiet now having to do and then like this week. Now I've been busy busy busy organizing dance almost so we'd have emotions. I'd say about you you adopted into this okay and you find implanted to go out and slowly think and this is what. I've been talking to a lot of people in the industry where I think like because we've been so busy. There's nearly as like dealing of guilt. Almost you know what I mean because like everything's cancelled We can't really plan too far ahead so we've gone from having like the whole year plan to sudenly sitting down and thinking what to do next so for me. The hardest part is actually just like taking a breath. Getting there definitely gotten their Katrina. I mean say you both as education. You really you have yourselves but how you coat with this current restrictions that we've been given in isolation lockdown everything that was planned has that created a meltdown for you and have you that with it. Yeah so I think for me what happened was I could see at Komen. I good Sense of like you know. I had it educated Portugal. That trip was cancelled. I was in Italy in that Wisconsin. I supposed to go. Easy that Wisconsin everything. Kinda start counseling down and then you know the shutdown of the Ceylon was. It would lay Again how the safety is most important and but now I'm kind of if I'm honest John. I'm enjoying having time with my family. And they're not annoying me to think he's been. We've all got a heads around. We're all in this or the same. We're all in it together. So initially was a shock. Wasn't it because again? You had some bookings going on different things we would do in it but now. I'm Kinda waking up each morning. She in kin and I feel a bit guilty for Sinus. Almost umbrella over enjoy myself. Not exactly a name isn't it? You're like you're like you're not entitled to that because you don't have all this works to actually it's a whole world is on pause. You do guilty about it because you know there's so many people suffering obviously the medical profession epidemic of wonderful thing but from a selfish industry. Point of view is quite nice to have a little bit of time down and I think the thing about it is creative. Energy is to really let that go. Wouldn't you agree? Trina yeah like in the sense as well. I think that as hairdressers we do tend to dot to you know new things that are happening. I think as a creative especially when the night stops. That's when your brain starts to walk more so I think it's good to it's nearly its forces into this space that we stop and think in a different way put lives or instagram lives. Connor Katrina deserve. What's your take on this? I've just kind of doing one of them at the minute. An quite well because they came more from like not being able to stop so he's a great. How can they possibly deliver to work? Get the industry involved also just like make a little bit of money for charity and civic and going Dot Tumb quake good so I think everyone is kinda reach now on developing a bit into that now Daphne I think showed how much potential is in Duffield of inscribed on facebook live. Maybe we weren't using as much before. Well we certainly on that. Well we treat. I mean he's gone. It's called mental hasn't it? Everybody is just a lot you know what? Let me. Just get on their lives yet. Like is for millions. I wear deal on M. There was one thing that we want to do on its launch an educational so are not held back on a couple of the lines because this week possibly tonight. I actually this weekend and we're launching a new website. This is all a home. Diy like has your hair at home but not color. Joist 'em how to do. Different styles are actually due to watch this instead of the on the lines. Were doing like to watch the live at the tutorials on the website you have to donate so for the source few weeks or actually 'em raise money for lots of phones for Amer Hospitals Arend and sore the World Health Organization as well and so another kind of held back on some of the light on instagram. For that reason because we are site is going to go live so but we're delighted that we are going to be doing everything like for donations for the floor. He weeks all that launched as mega wilder view is doing. I think for a great cause but yeah I have a lot of fun watching these lives and people getting used to beeping good to watch now. Certainly. Yeah we'll be watching what you do in. Yeah sounds great Wednesday night but we want to learn a little bit more of the guys and I know you are massive. I mean you both huge in Ireland. I know that and certainly across European giving listeners. A little bit of a heads up less work at how you came together. I in you know as a bit of a collaborative force would not be. Right in saying the purview. You you definitely got so. Let's start off with yourself. Khanna gives a bit a heads upon who you are the hairdresser and where you are right now so I suppose I'm Harris in eight years at this stage and I. I was inclined of a really big company for a long time. And they're quite good. I got quite actually started to feel like the same thing over and over again. I started to feel like I didn't actually like hair anymore. It's actually like I didn't like industry. I DOT COM to panic. Decided why didn't realize actually that I was just talking to roll and I think sometimes you don't realize until you're on the outside of it and so what happened was I think I think Katrina. Just start shot and over instagram. And WHO's just like? Who says MoD one? Who'S IN WAY MASSACHU- requests headier? Then we got gotten on. Education is always something that. Kinda I wanted to get into a bit more Fulltime Amway's doing a bit of a time never under my own name was always under the company's name or through a brand or something like that on my stock trainer kind of thing and I think Katrina just Matt The exact point where we both kind of a bit of a real realized that we could actually Jewish collaborate and fuel each other's trae tippety android without overpower each other and that was about maybe two years ago. We did some projects together from them. Brunch did our own things again but we always bounce back to each other and to check in and see. How can we build your auto home? We create something together. You know advised that way on so since then. I've left and bigger company. I now work with wildflower crate. Shudo which is kind of crazy flow bespoke kind of area in Dublin on Bhai Danica Garner Ideal Cooper. Dare I have my own Education Connor James Education and I still. I know what a couple of bronze on my own terms and Katrina now are starting to poke. That's kind of where I'm at the independent iconic. Oh you lucky. The indecent of freelance work with lots of different various brands educational. You kind of in a free place to as you want when you want. Yeah exactly am I think that's a really? I don't think you can actually put a value on that radio and I think that's you know I think that's the way businesses need to be if they want to retain stuff. I think that's like more business. Owners are seeing that those that aren't are probably finding harder to retain staff Co. I kind what about you Katrina and so I guess is well like that a stage where are my education. I had my own education for three or four years on against was educate brand online education. was like going radio. I was trailed with it. Got to a stage where I was ready to kind of you know. I wanted to collaborate. I of felt like education again. Like being bossed at times can become very lonely. When it's you up there all the time. Educating says sometimes it's nice to collaborate with somebody so am I had an idea for this 'em Harrison's course and I had spotted connor how isolated. Dm So we sit back idea for the science education connected together then Katrina yet like we had. We had been told on instagram on. Just when I came up with the idea of the Harry signs and we wanted it to be created when I got into it. You can't just knew he was the one I just knew I was like it. Has He was the? And when we did chemistry experiments like ideas for future on Salva chemistry experiment than just critic creative

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Join Forces to Create Unique Hair Education, with Katrina Kelly and Conor Doyle

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