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The face of the coronavirus


The face of the coronavirus task force gets tightened security Dr Anthony Fauci the director of the National Institute of allergy and infectious diseases and member of the president's coronavirus task force has been given a security detail in the wake of threats the justice department gave the okay for nine special agents for doctor felt she ever it was recommended by the U. S. Marshall service he has played a role in shaping the trump administration's social distancing policy and has also been the target of online conspiracy theorists who dismissed the virus as a hoax leading health officials have supported Dr county's position that social distancing will work to reduce the spread of the corona virus in New York City Tonya J. powers fox news regulators in Washington state and the centers for Medicare and Medicaid proposed a six hundred eleven thousand dollar fine for a Seattle area nursing home connected to at least forty coronavirus dance the agencies conducted an inspection of the life care center of Crooklyn on March sixteenth finding serious infractions they say place residents in immediate danger Michigan's governor signed an executive order ending the state's school year through twelve schools in Michigan are done for the school year close to mid one governor Gretchen Whitmer calls a dramatic upswing in cases of a coronavirus this is the best thing that we can do for the health of our children for the tens of thousands of educators and Michigan who work in our schools governor Whitmer ordering online at home instructions seniors would still graduate and staff of the schools would still be paid we are nowhere near the end of the call but nineteen in the state of Michigan Michigan also extending this emergency disaster declaration through mid June Chapman also fox news Top Gun maverick the latest film to be rescheduled due to the pandemic and all that will open December twenty

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The face of the coronavirus

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