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Short-form streaming app Quibi launches


The premium short-form mobile only video service QUBE launched Monday April. Sixth offering fifty shows at launch with hundreds promised by the end of the year. Qube offers a ninety day free trial for either. The ad supported version which will cost four dollars. Ninety nine cents per month after the trail period is over or you can go for the ad free version which is also part of the three months trial so. I'm not really sure why wouldn't choose that. But it is seven dollars ninety nine cents per month afterwards. So if you're one of those people who forgets that need to be paying. More episodes are five to ten minutes in length turnstile feature. Let's to video streams optimized for landscape and portrait sent to you at one time you can switch back and forth between them pretty seamlessly early reviews very mixed a lack of multi users accounts limitation to one stream at times. You couldn't really share an account with anybody unless you guys. We're really good about sharing your time. The inability to stream to share to a larger screen additional bandwidth usage for those two video streams on the turnstile feature and no screen shotting allowed or some of the grapes out of the gate. Yeah people seem to like turnstile and they seem to like the content well enough. It's just all those other things that are that are problems. I quit Claire Clarification. It's it's free for the ad-supported version if you want it's free for the anad supported version. No I signed up. It said you can do four ninety nine a month for nothing. Or if you choose Ed free you have to pay now. Oh yeah that I don't know I have a different version than you do because I free version for ninety days for free correct. Pay Seven

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Short-form streaming app Quibi launches

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