The Digital Transformation Journey: Challenges & Considerations

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Name is Ken. Wilson I've been in it for over twenty years and really cut my teeth and the client server world. So I've been around quite a long time since really the late nineties and I've been working at hospitality technology for really over fifteen years with a particular focus on systems over the last several years. I've really been helping Amadeus hospitality sunset. A lot of the legacy products yet really move those customers off of about thirty nine of them to our newer cloud based products and really mark. I can assure you that is quite an undertaking There's a lot going on there and it's hand not. I've also been running. Our property management systems operations team from topic so great wealth of experience. There you've seen from the traditional side of it now into digital and cloud and everything in between as you said moving a lot of systems from the older what we now call legacy into. This new cloud world is as well now. I'm looking at the Amadeus. It group You know in its own words helping to connect over one point. Five billion people year to local traveler providers in over one hundred ninety countries. That's a lot of people. A lot of countries on a lot of travel trips was interested in the industry that you're in how important now is cloud and digital technologies in sustaining this type and level of business today and enter the future all mark. I. I work with our hospitality business unit which really focuses on hospitality technology with some of the largest hotel companies in the world. We're offering technology services to assist hoteliers in all areas of Patel operations

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