March Madness: Donald Sterling

Sports Criminals


Listen free on spotify or wherever you get your podcast warning. This episode includes sensitive descriptions of racism listener discretion is advised especially for listeners under thirteen in April. Two Thousand Fourteen seventy year old Los Angeles Clippers owner Donald Sterling called his mistress. The Steve Yano. He had seen something on instagram. That made his blood boil a picture of her and L. A. Lakers legend Magic Johnson but sterling wasn't mad at Steve Yano had posed with one of his crosstown rivals iconic players. The problem was the Johnson was Black Sterling. Chewed out still beyond for almost ten minutes. He had no idea. Those ten minutes would change his life forever. Welcome to sports. Criminals are cast original. This is the twenty fifth episode in our March Madness. Special this month were counting down the top thirty one sports scandals from Nineteen Ninety to two thousand twenty on Carter Roy. And I'm Tim Johnson in today's episode. We're going back to two thousand fourteen and the downfall of the La Clippers racist owner Donald Sterling. Although he made a lot of money from owning the clippers. Donald Sterling made the bulk of his fortune in real estate as a landlord. He was the subject of numerous lawsuits accusing him of housing discrimination against minorities during these proceedings. Sterling's racist nature was laid bare. He told employees that black tenants smell. And Attract Vermin Hispanics. Just smoke drink and hang around the building in Koreans will pay the rent and live in whatever conditions I give them. The married father of three was also sued on multiple occasions for sexual harassment. But with the help of a high priced and highly effective legal team. He managed to emerge relatively unscathed however after not. Enzi released the recording his phone. Call with these veon. On April twenty fifth two thousand fourteen. No lawyer on earth COULD HELP HIM UPSET THAT STEVE. Yano had posted an instagram photo of her and Magic Johnson. Sterling told her. It bothers me a lot that you want to broadcast that you're associating with black people. Don't put him on instagram. And don't bring him to my games. Unbeknownst TO HIM STILL. Yano had recorded the entire conversation. The recording confirmed what most people around the League already knew. Donald Sterling was racist scumbag however he had never faced disciplined from the NBA before. But now that is true. Nature was caught on tape that was about to change with NBA players contemplating boycotting playoff games to protest. Sterling's ownership commissioner. Adam silver had to act on April twenty ninth. He Finds Sterling two point five million dollars the maximum amount allowed silver also banned him from the NBA for life and a few weeks later. More than three quarters of NBA team owners voted to force sterling to sell his franchise. The decision was a long time coming. From man who heckled his own players was named the worst owner in sports by the New York Times and Forbes magazine and whose team had amassed the lowest winning percentage in all four major American Sports Leagues Between Nineteen Eighty one in two thousand fourteen sterling. His lawyers tried to fight both decisions in court but they were rebuffed at every turn. Despite numerous countersuits and objections sterling was forced to sell the team to Microsoft. Co-founder Steve Balmer. Since Sterling's departure the basketball world has done. Its best to erase his racist legacy under bombers leadership. The clippers have gone on to become one of the best run franchises in the NBA. Ahead of the twenty twenty

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