It Is Time To Think Of Our Fellow Muslims


Arche. Let's talk about the oppression of we. Nothing about how did nothing look at? China. We're talking about arm Know How many most Chinese ancient mosques some back you know. Centuries the Chinese government demolished completely bulldozed to the ground. Leave the must decide. What about the Chinese brothers and sisters the detention camp this something recent humiliated them to millions of kneecaps foresee poor Alcohol Porter announcer faith. You know there's this stuff they're tortured. Being people are dying in their but this oppression of a blessing sisters in these circuits on though the week is going home for decades decades and decades but we can cited which is why it's come to the stage with a They can put them in these camps and unfortunately when it came to it all of our leaders make quite all the Muslim countries in the world. Shoes say anything. Why because money? Because we can't we're trying to save their own country it would affect our economy. We've got to treat. The China will help us. We need them on. Our side is a political strategic alliance because we have other enemy states we need to allow China. We can't speak out about this with sacrificing them for the greater good essentially Honda. Nobody's willing to boycott wants. His pandemics happen entire world. But it's too late now. The entire global economy country's stance to you will wait about your economy. Now worry about him. I mean not just China. You'd look what's happening in Syria UTICA happening in Gaza to hold what. What have we done really we use on a soggy out about. These issues will always worried about the Charity Commission which shut us down the country's political about becoming known as extremist mosques 'cause we talked about the oppression in other countries. Did we do our duty in those Masada to rather than systems awarded just simply structures in crate? Because what this shows you how Lonnie none of us know your who was all its bitchy. Might ECONOMIC EXTENT. Technology wasn't combined completely taken down a something so tongue of an inch. Invisible to the naked on guts even microscopes. You can't see a virus is taking the world hostage is director is just completely. This was the answer. Nobody knows what to do. It would be flying brexit done. We're GONNA be great year for Britain those weeks ago. What's happened now? It's how it's transcends cultures continents borders where you are everyone's impacted superpowers are not even super powers. Their nothing issues. How Hugh we? All are the arrogance with which we behave towards a lot in his his commandments. We can see it now that we really are itchy. Repetitive can't do anything and wounds is one of the lessons that we really have to take away from this. Learning how to empathize with our offense is on the world deep in Kashmir lockdown since August. We're talking about lockdown. Now they're really not a military occupation. You leave your home. You'd be shot tortured raped. It's all these things happen. King of Gazan. The largest open air prison in the world. This amount amount more. I hear that spreads here. It's GonNa be a bloodbath reading Ghezzi entire world. What will happen to these people who really experienced shortages? They don't know what the next either feet Newcastle to separate from the B. Rosser job because of these civil wars occupations and Mike this whole experience now we get through. This gives us an inkling. We're struggling to deal with this and there's not even a food shortage who pretenders. What they are going into. The next bucket comes around next. Signed up brother sister. Stand up on your bayview once. We remember total crisis of twenty twenty bit harder

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