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10 Surprising Trivia Questions



Culture artists? He does are everything from the big Lebowski to Shits Creek to parks and REC to the office. Die Hard and everything in between so go check out. He has these great fake album. Artwork covers that he made and he makes a track listing as if that character came out with a record. And you could frame it and put it on your wall like a real vinyl that you collect in your house. So he has dozens of those bookmarks. He has dresses. He has pillowcase. Covers uses great supersized twin pillow case. Cover OF JEFF. Goldblum sitting like naked on his side. A with some drastic part quote on it. It's really cool. And he does a lot of fun stuff that I give away all the time on the show and over the years probably last five years or so check out drew blank dot com also check out Brad Albright Illustrations Albright illustrations on instagram. And just Google Brad Albright illustrations. He's based out of Austin Texas. He does great three D prints if you want like a three d poster usually comes with glasses and the image pops off of the wall so very cool stuff I have a ren and stimpy Wanna Rocco's modern life one and a Bob's Burgers one at my house and Brad does awesome. Work does these great stickers as well and a lot of the stickers are characters wearing three d glasses and things like that and we'll be giving away a lot of his stickers for the Patriots Sticker Club over on my page at Patriotair Dot com slash trivia with buds. If you donate three dollars or more per month you're going to get an amazing sticker for the next three six months from Brad Albright Illustrations. So be on the lookout for that and Go over to his site and see if there's a certain sticker you love and if you're a Patriot subscriber let me know and say. Hey God I really want that. Rocco's modern life sticker and I'll make sure you get in your next batch of male couple. Podcasts you should listen to on this. Lockdown are my friends over at vhs bandits if you like collecting old tapes and watching things on a VCR style which many people do these days for the nostalgic kick. Go check out. Vhs bandits my friends toepfer and Dane train and their crew go over different tapes every single week and they have great patriach pages. Well SO CHECK OUT VHS bad it's inaugurated check out my friend's Jordan Zeilinger Cam malador and the whole crew at wreck my podcast. They are probably my best friends in the podcasting world and we talk about in like all the same stuff from POK to. Are you afraid of the dark two different snacks and beards and things they review and have fun with around a roundtable? Go check out my podcast if you like in the stale all right without any further. Do we're GONNA jump into today's episode with guests hosts from Quiz Quiz Bang. Bang enjoy and here. We go everybody. I'm David Flora and I'm Anne Flora. Were the hosts of the Quiz Quiz Bang podcast and how has practice show that hissy pal right nuclear? We'd like to think Ryan witness guest hosting episode and a little bit about us. We do a weekly Trivia podcast of questions and answers on General Trivia everything from art and science to geography and film and all the good stuff in between in once a month we have friends come on and we do a little group episode. We also do special bonus episodes from anything from Harry Potter. To rugby on our bonus episodes. Sometimes we'll have special guests on we've had the archivist from the Chicago Symphony. Orchestra in brewers from Goose Island Brewery. And they write the questions for those episodes you can find this in all major pod platforms are just searching. Quiz Quiz Bang Bang. We're also on. Facebook was bank podcast Instagram Quiz Quiz Bang Bang and twitter at Quiz. Bang pod and you can find all that at our website quiz bancard DOT com. We have a fun episode plan for you today. Ten questions where we think. All the answers are slightly surprising. Not Super Surprising. The slightly surprising answers would jump out at you from behind a car but like you might be like that for students that make you do a sensible chuckle when you hear the hits so we will read all ten questions and then we'll go back through and give you all the answers here. We go question. One what Ian Fleming novel was turned into a Disney movie question to in which Board Game Does Edgar? Mallory appear question. Three which country has the most islands question four? Which country did Celine Dion Sing for? When she competed in Eurovision question five which country was the first to have a female Prime Minister Question? Six? Who was the first? Tv family to have a home computer question. Seven American Gothic. The painting by grant wood shows a farmer with a pitchfork and a woman standing next to him. What is their relationship question? Which company makes the most tires.

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