Buffalo Bills acquire Diggs from Vikings for 4 picks



Radio back to the NFL some big moves Monday as the talking began Tom Brady hasn't made a decision although some of the decisions may be impacting him meanwhile we know Amari Cooper will be staying with Dallas end the bills reportedly acquiring Stefon Diggs of the Vikings for four draft picks earlier on ESPN radio on Freddie inferred Simmons giving up a first fifth sixth for a guy who has been a massive headache in your locker room for the last two years and and during a you know a playoff game wild card game against the saints when I got but ends up winning the game right exactly Kirk cousins goes to Kyle Rudolph instead of digs no no I'm not some of the game winning touchdown time out at third or those of third down conversion and and they converted and digs goes off the field and throws his helmet into the bench do it you got a first down you about winning the game were just by yourself oh wait yeah we we we we know what you're about so I don't get giving up that much to get him outside from the public but from a kid a skill standpoint I do get it I knew they would take that better back to back thousand yard seasons I mean he is a remarkable talent my problem with Gallic Biggs is in the room because when he's not being targeted he's a pain in the rear end I wonder how much of this is the findings wanted out of Minnesota so badly that he was going to act like that now I'm not trying to explain it not condoning it all in but I wonder how much a whatever led to him wanting a break wanting a divorce in the Minnesota Vikings whatever that was it could be Adam Phelan and his emergence or you want to play a Kirk cousins wait a problem Mike Zimmer whatever it was the findings have enough for Minnesota and he did everything possible verbally invent action wise to make sure that they were not going to keep him even early today when Kirk cousins got his extension the findings was not have a leader was not even Catholic high thought he said I guess it's time to get out here tell me about the Minnesota he was determined to get out of whatever led to the break I don't know what it was but he got his wish now the findings you got what you want to handle it because if you don't people gonna say you had a good thing going to Minnesota where they were building my United Phelan and that wasn't good enough for you buffalo reportedly sending four picks to Minnesota a first a fifth or sixth in twenty twenty and a fourth rounder in twenty twenty one while also getting a seventh rounder back this spring from the Vikings Diggs is in the second year of a five year seventy two million

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