Parker Kligerman on Year 2 as a team owner in the eNASCAR iRacing Coca-Cola Series



Parker is a co- team owner in the NASCAR COCA COLA. I racing series. I get that right. Okay year two for Burton Triggerman East sports and we had Parker on last year as somewhat of an eye racing primer NASCAR. Miracle was broadcasting a few of the I. Racing Races last year. We did the finale which was tremendously well received. All of the races were well received on. Nbc talked about like what it all means with you before Parker. This time we wanted to have you on to talk about year two for your team because you guys have not only. Have you WANNA race already this year through two races as we speak here today you already had a win from Ashton crowder in the Fontana race. You've also got some big news with sponsorships and everything happening in your too. So tell us what's going on for Burton. Click armony sports. Yes so first of all start. In the series the series on coca-cola's title sponsor peak left peak any freeze. And they'd been part of it for years and I think the the trajectory the series and things and how they building sports it opened up and up to pursue cocoa that come in so that was really cool as big name to put on top of the series this year we have twenty teams so the full team rosters filled out this year whereas last year round sixteen teams so there's only twenty teams allowed. We filled it out and for burnt. Cuckney sports. We actually brought in our first corporate partner of this magnitude valvoline which was incredible. It worked on it for months. The reason they came into his they'd obviously east. Sports is a big topic. These days that sort of thing and I had a little bit relationship with them beforehand and this came about and I'd always been a big fan of Abilene cars growing up. How good they look the pace keys or anything and it would be so cool to have those as our cars essentially look just like the Mark Martin number six. Yeah we did like a little vs flying vs. I call them okay. We're all the visa and going up and that was kind of our spin on it a little bit in the eastport realm so really cool. They've been great work with and just a lot of fun and they really are seeing the benefits and and kind of become fans of as well and then we went out and won the second race two seasons Ashen crowder. We lead the most laps between both drivers. Clampitt led a ton of beginning. He and four she got involved in a wreck and then Ashen kind of took. The reins and in an incredible dual won the race and that was just huge. So we're now tied for the point seat. Although we get the points lead off the with Ashenafi Tiebreaker having a win and in the team championship or fourth. So it's been a great start for us really cool for the series and the viewership. This year has been insane across tweets. Youtube NASCAR ADT COM and facebook. The first Jewish this season have adverse around one hundred eighty thousand people tune in life. That's The craziest statistic to me but people will break down the numbers or shocked by is the average time person views for so you know the Internet unlike. Tv. There's a lot of calculation can be done per each viewer and you often find yourself. Sort of like across the different streamed stream entities finding that they all read it differently but one of the things that really sticks out across all the retention time. And so we've seen average viewers nineteen minutes per viewer Twenty minutes thirty minutes so in the Internet world that like that will be. That's like I mean. I know from working for a website. It's not just website traffic or page views. It's how long are they reading the page? So after on watching twenty minutes of Iras. That's is that something you could have valvoline with and say this. And they say their eye popping numbers yes. We put a whole report together after each race and sort of to give some sort of numbers all this because I was actually a conference in London couple weeks ago about East sports and sky. Who's believe these? Cfo of the largest eastward teams in the world said eighty seven point six percent of all artistic in east sports or made up and facts. So you can put concrete numbers to it. It's a great thing and we've been able to do that. So it's been wrinkled who said it was fabricated He he works for fanatic which is one of the largest export teams in the world. It was basically a joke to say it. So it's the wild west and I actually think what were doing one of the things I know. It says in our logo in our team name. I don't even like the word East sports anymore because I kind of think of traditional sports trying to do something different were Imo Schwartz. Were trying to help a sport or exists bill the base and gain a new audience and be exposed to people that can never be exposed to it on the competitive level. What they're trying to do in really sports shooters they're trying to make the next Nascar the next NFL. We're not trying to do that. So as you mentioned two cars Logan Clampitt in the number ninety nine valvoline Ashton crowder and the number seventy seven valvoline. Just curious obviously ninety nine. That was Burton's now. When he drove up seventy seven is that it was my number and Arka- And I've always had a thing for sevens and it comes from my grandpa who was his favorite number seven successful years of always been car at seven. Seventy seven a number in a lot to me and both of these guys are obviously like. Hey you guys actually drove in the NASCAR Cup series. Take whatever numbers. You're doing well as team. We own those numbers so just like real life our numbers we own them so if we changed drivers but they're in for full year then it would keep the number

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