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Where we deserve more Twitter followers where in Italy for instance they tested just people who are symptomatic people who are sick and the the number of people in their twenties that came up positive was kind he was three years three eight percent and change because people in their twenties who haven't often are a symptomatic they have mild symptoms they just think they got a little cold or something like that in South Korea where they're testing everybody they can throw test that there are a huge number of twenty somethings on us Donna Xing number that we're testing positive and that's why all these measures are being implemented because there are so many people running around with this thing you don't know they have it and if if they in fact the oldsters or the immune compromise then you've got the the terrifying death rates that they're seeing in Italy in particular and and increasingly in France and Spain and that sort of thing so that's that's why we're all going through these exercises well Italy today had their biggest jump in cases in one day yet so they're not on the other side of this yet in Italy only had a hundred people dying I think Saturday night Sunday night or something like that and they've shut down the whole country they're more or less and France Spain and Israel have now announced the doing the same thing yeah is that coming to the United States limiting movement locking down cities closing anything but like grocery stores and hospitals is is that going to happen I think I don't know nothing like that ever happened but nothing like that it happened in Italy since World War two right the Dow Jones by the way which the stock market closed as soon as it opened today is now less than a thousand points above what it was on the day Donald Trump took office wow where will be come November I don't know but getting there yeah they've been wiped out the gains you a front page USA today Susan page got a column about the the the presidential election but how it's changed so drastically in this always happens mmhm you know we measure these things are polls this how trump's falling against Joe Biden in in Minnesota two years out yeah what are the issues going to be in the election I mean and what was a month ago is completely different than now nobody's talking about the coronavirus five six weeks ago right Donald Trump has his approval ratings ever we're breaking records the stock market every single day

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