GUI Pre-Cap Week of 3-16-20


Hello everyone and welcome is recap recap all the things. They're going to have happened for the week of March sixteenth. Twenty twenty four it happens. My name is Bruce and let's get started with Gui pick of the week. We're going to go with Superman. Red Son is coming out on BLU ray this week This is an adaptation of the classic else world. Graphic novel The basic premise. And not to give anything away Imagine that the beginning of a Cold War and CAL. L doesn't land in Smallville but lands in the Soviet Union It's a great twist on the Classic Story If you get a chance check it out all right for T. pages on Monday. Cw has the premiere of Roswell New Mexico Tuesday. Tlc has the finale of Im jazz Wednesday. Amy Has the finale of America's top dog Thursday Bravo has the premiere of top chef Friday. Nothing really special Saturday. Hbo Has the Premier of X. Men Dark Phoenix that nobody saw And Sunday nothing special either. All right for box office result in Fifth Place. You have the hunt fourth-place the invisible man third-placed bloodshot second-place. I still believe and in first place making ten point. One million dollars is on word Speaking of movies. There's nothing coming out this week. All major releases have been pulled due to the corona virus for the next three weeks at least They may pull them again. Depending on what's going on with the viruses for DVD's because if you wanna stay home and watch something which is a good idea. You have Jumanji the next level. Richard Jewel Black Christmas a hidden life. And of course superman red son for on line services net flicks has feel good season. One Tiger King murder mayhem and madness season one. Self-made inspired by the life of Madame. Cj Walker season won the English game season one the letter for the King Season One and the platform who has little fires everywhere season one and prime has blow the men down for video games. Mlb The show twenty is on. Ps four animal crossing new horizons on Switch Doom Sixty four which is on the PS four xbox once which in BC and you have doom eternal which is for the PS for xbox One and P C R I for Gui news new episodes of The GYI podcast blue's clues smack. My pitch up and Geek fathers are all coming out this week. And in light of the pandemic of the corona virus some shows made experience delays or postponement of episodes Most network shows a record with panelists in the same room and we will be limiting that in person interactions as necessary. Please be patient Was We work out? Remote methods of recording. More information will be coming out soon

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