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H., China And Ridgewood discussed on Danielle McCartan


I remember and he was something else that I member killer Kowalski killer Kowalski trains trouble H. and trouble calls he was the father of China who is since I know I love China you know we may we actually went to a book signing in in Ridgewood when we were little we met China and you know what it's a shame she passed away I know how to how did she pass away I can't remember I don't know exactly I'm not going to take a guess because I felt like she was she was amazing yes she was all our time as she was because she wrestled the guys right she didn't right right and should be denied that's why I loved her yeah I remember Superfly Snuka Kameron well with the with with the wizard with the grand wizard hangout by ravishing Rick rude with the way he used to come out and all of the old warrior of I remember WrestleMania six when you bought the whole program for the championship and they gave out the information they really didn't set the warriors winning the title and then you had that thing with thoughts of slaughter and then you had you went into the nineties with that thing they what was that thing they call when they first came out it wasn't called Volkmar SmackDown who's in your house in the ninety early nine in the early to mid nineties on the menu at WCW Saturday night and then we go up to nineteen ninety eight I believe when they came on with wrong right smack down and then you had the rock and stone cold with the epic battles of WrestleMania.

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H., China And Ridgewood discussed on Danielle McCartan

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