417 - Eddie Haymour (live) - burst 06


Hardly anyone in the area knew the island is privately owned by Eddie and there was no zoning and those who did know didn't care but Eddie move forward with his plans. He drafted him up and started building. Eddie didn't hire architects. He just walked around the island and started sketching on his own. By the way my guess is any architect he was meeting with it was like I'm absolutely passing. What is your plan? I would be all in the same Campbell in ice cream thirty six flavors of ice cream. Mcdaddy genius the biggest logo concern of all came from a school teacher. And conservationist name Desmond Loan and is it this desecration of the land and loan was on the town council heating care that purchasing land loan on the council had already designated the island as a picnic site. What do I WANNA go out? Get under that one tree. Just relax just lay on that rock with the tree. One day have a baguette sandwich under the one leaning pine. That's a very Canadian objection. It's picnics come on a good Lord. Loan told reporters that this plan would turn rattlesnake island coney island and he loved the valley and according to his daughter wanted. It turned into a national park

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