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Work from Home Tips for Managing Stress

Real Talk with Dana | Nutrition, Health
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Work from Home Tips for Managing Stress


Let's talk about work from home tips from someone who works from home to people who don't work from home who don't want to lose their minds either. So my first thing in all of these tips that I'm going to be giving you guys is to be realistic and give yourself a break. Like I mentioned these are crazy times and adjusting to this. New Normal is stressful in itself. Especially if you have kids at home in peds and family and roommates and whatever. It's okay to realize that you're not realistically going to be able to get as much focus time at home than you do at the office. Obviously but just kind of give yourself permission slip. Give yourself a little bit of grace. It's O K. No one is being as productive as they normally are during this time. Okay so four of the first thing to make the most out of your time while you are working from home. Is You WANNA creative with much of a schedule or routine as possible while being realistic? So take out. I love to use a paper planner or scheduler or whatever. You WanNA call it you. Could you do it on Google your phone? Whatever you WANNA do but write down for the week all of the meetings all of the calls when you have to be on call or on trainings when you have to be actively at work from home right down all of those appointments all of the Times and everything and be realistic with setting up. What are your work hours and divide it between when you be completely destruction free where you can get tasks done that? Need your undivided attention. And then when can you also like have a work call on in the background when you're giving your kid's lunch or walking your dog or something like that because let's be honest? This is just the reality here and then once you have those mandatory times when you have to be working then want you to think about scheduling in breaks whether that's mealtimes or going for a walk outside if possible. Maybe time to do some yoga or read a book or take a break for some exerciser gentle movement or whatever else you want to do and about movement get in some movement where you can in whatever way you want because remember. You're not at an office where you're walking to get coffee or to the break room to check on your colleagues or if your working in the restaurant industry you're not walking to all your tables all the time like think about you. We right now have a pretty drastically reduced amount of movement for most people and this isn't to say like Oh. Everyone needs to be exercising. Like this is more of a get your blood flowing so you get your brain juices flowing and you can take a break kind of thing so like go. Take a walk around the block or something if it's possible. Make sure your social distancing while you do do some stretching every once in a while to break up all the sitting or standing at your desk and the other thing to think about scheduling in is time to check up on your family and friends and for fun like calling your grandparents or doing a virtual face time with your family doing a virtual Sunday dinner with your family. I'm doing I have done all of those things. I'm also doing. A virtual book club with some friends or like a virtual happy hour to check up on people honestly. This has been a really kind of funny time because I've talked more with my friends from high school than I have probably since college or high school. So that's been one positive all this stuff Or the other night I did a virtual cooking date with one of my friends where we were face timing and making the same recipe at the same time and then we did like family dinner over facetime which was Super Fun and the recipe was great too. So the next step after you have created as much of a schedule or routine as possible scheduling in breaks time to move scheduling downtime fun time all that kind of stuff create a morning routine the same way that you have a morning routine when you go to work. Even if it's just I get up. I get dressed. I grab some food. I head out the door but it's still a morning that you're following that you're used to so the same way that you have a morning routine while you are at work. You need one at home as well and part of that is getting up around a specific time every day so like if you have a zoom meeting call at nine am. Please don't just get up at eight fifty five. I mean you totally can do that while you're working from home but you're gonNA feel super disorganized and unprepared and it's just not the best so a couple of things you could think about maybe including in your morning routine mix and match however you want. I always get up in the morning and walk my dog because she barks at me until I do. And then you could do something. Like meditating or taking a couple of deep breaths or maybe journaling or reading or you have to get the kids dressed and breakfast ready. You know whatever the things you need to do. Our I would also recommend especially if you're having trouble feeling productive at work or getting into work mode is actually putting on work clothes because most people if they're not going to work there in relaxation mode so were wearing yoga pants. Or you're wearing sweatpants or you're wearing you know whatever it is. You're like relaxing close. You're not in a work state of mind most of the time when you're wearing that kind of stuff not to say that. I get dressed every day because believe me. I do not a lot of the time. I am working in Yoga Pants. Even though you guys can't see me I currently am wearing them and I have taken a couple of years to get used to that being able to work while in Yoga Pants or whatever but on days if I'm feeling very distracted like I can't get centered. I will get dressed in like regular people going out close to the office or something like that and it really does help a really silly tool but it does help a