California governor provides update on coronavirus


Fourteen I'm hearing of the USS mercy and they just arrived here at what we refer to as the state operations center where I'm currently filming this Facebook live the team is not only simple here they've assembled the USS mercy it's on its way to Los Angeles and will be arriving this Friday and as early as this weekend it will be available to pick up individuals that we deem prioritize an appropriate to be taken care of and supported on the chip by just got to say it's a reminder when you meet these young men and women how extraordinarily blessed we are U. S. navy when you meet highs and young men and women how extraordinarily blessed we are the U. S. navy and those that are working to get the USS mercy here in California I have done a remarkable job to turn around a very short period of time eleven hundred crew on that ship and we're now in the process of determining exactly which type of decompression strategies that will work and what I mean by that is to decompress the rest of the system by providing support on board that ship so that we can ultimately advance our protocols and procedures to get people in more appropriate care and more appropriate settings and so that's the purpose of the conversation we just had the conversations that are occurring quite literally in real time behind me but we're very very enthusiastic that that ship will be coming apart as early as this Friday accordingly we advanced a number of actions today particularly on the issue of prisons and the state I did an executive order today as it relates to the intake processing both at C. D. C. R. I. California state correction system and DJ J. R. juvenile division in order to address the legitimate anxieties and concerns related to prisoners and to make sure that we have our procedures and protocols in place to protect staff as well as inmates from covert nineteen as you know we have one official tested positive inmate we have five staff members currently we are going to restrict the intake process in the system and we are putting together new a protocols and procedures and throughout that system thirty five presence to make sure that we are isolated people were not mixing our prison populations as we tend to do transfers and the like on a typical basis so the executive order a reinforced the guidelines or procedures and protocols that were now advancing both for DJJ and C. C. R. in addition to that something's very familiar to me and weekly basis I review personally the recommendations of our parole board for people that are eligible for parole in each and every circumstance when people are made eligible to go through a very formal process of interviews and reviews that's done in person because of the nature of this virus the nature of this moment we're going to be changing procedures and protocols and in the executive order we lay out a strategy to begin the process of doing a video conferences this would be a temporary advancement but under the circumstances in terms of our isolation strategies in order to continue the processing of people that are eligible for parole in the encouragement to make sure that that process happens the scale it's been happening in the past we think it's appropriate to move forward with those teleconferences in that executive order lays out strategies to do just that and so those orders will be in effect the artifact media at Lee and the protocols the procedures are in effect in real time and we could talk more about that in the coming days as we look not just to the state prison population but the county jail population as well in addition to that we had remarkable Dave conversations with the army corps of engineers they are now stationed just right outside our stock here at the emergency operation centers we have three divisions throughout the state of California and they've been working with our state leadership National Guard others within our respective organizations to cite through a survey process the appropriate locations for potential support of army corps in addition to sites that we have identified through our federal medical program that we announced yesterday and the fact that we have two sides coming up one in riverside in Santa Clara we're looking additional sites in ways that the army corps can complement the work to get those sites fully operational insights convention facilities that's facilities large and small up and down the state fairgrounds and the like but we went through more detailed protocols and sharing expectations so that we can lay out exactly our expectations moving forward the army corps engineers moves quickly and we're very enthusiastic that that partnership is really taking shape over the course of last week and been advanced of the course last few hours in more meaningful ways edition that we had a wonderful news Sir Richard Branson virgin now partnering as Tim cook did Ilan musk at Tesla and SpaceX just another individual that stepped up virgin stepping up bring in a seven forty seven into the bay area and Oakland and we worked on the joysticks related to that for significant enhancement of personal protective gear will have more details on that the next day or two just another point of emphasis in other example an indication of people that are stepping up in a relic ways bringing that from Asia into the bay area to help support our efforts to help support one of the largest hospital systems Kaiser in that process we had the tragic loss of a lot a young life a teenager in Lancaster California which underscores the enormity of the challenge in front of us this health crisis and how it could impact anybody and everybody and I know it's sobering when you read the headlines so have I said a child but to be more precise a teenager a lost our lives and we are doing the investigation trying to understand more about exactly what occurred but covert related tragic loss of life as of ten AM this morning we've lost forty lives in the state of California related to covet nineteen we have lost over twenty one hundred or rather we have twenty one hundred positives state California twenty one hundred and two which is seventeen point five percent higher than the previous day again that's at ten AM number those numbers change in real time but a seventeen and a half percent increase and now a loss of a young person's life I want to just make a point Tampa size this and extend my heartfelt sympathies to the family and the community that have lost their loved one but also make this point young people can and will be impacted by this virus in fact young people disproportionately are the ones testing positive in the state of California fifty percent of the two thousand one hundred and two individuals that have tested positive fifty percent are between the age of eighteen and forty nine I'll repeat that half of those that have tested positive to date in the state of California eighteen to forty nine years old this disease impacts everybody the question is the acuity and the hospitalization rate that yes does skew on the side of older populations but with this tragic now death it is a reminder to everybody to take this seriously it's a health crisis it needs to be met first and foremost head on as such and that's why it is incumbent upon all Californians to continue to take our stay at home order seriously to continue to do the kind of social distancing that common sense dictates and heed the warnings we advanced yesterday to stay out of settings like beaches and parks where you're coming into close contact with others practice social distancing and we had to step up our enforcement yesterday as it relates to shut down those parking facilities a consequence to reinforce and remind people the series of moments but what more evidence do you need of a loss of a young person's life and so I just cannot impress upon the young people out there more the seriousness of this moment and how critical they are totally getting us on the other side by practicing that social distancing that we all are custom hearing but not in every case advancing individually by the way for those that are curious twenty six percent of individuals fifty to sixty four are represented in the twenty one hundred and two individuals that have been tested positive twenty three percent of all the other cases are represented in individual site north of sixty five years old hospitalization rates tend to skew higher and those cohorts but the number of positives again remains half eighteen to forty nine so broad strokes that's been up most of the day as it relates to operationalize in a lot of the work that we've been talking about the last number of days I had a number of conversations with governors across the country about protocols and procedures to better work collaborative Lee on procurement strategies we actually are lining up in linking together our procurement teams with other states to make sure that we're not competing with one another and we're making sure we are price conscience and dealing with the issue of price gouging up comparing best practices with state attorney generals are not just the work that the federal government's doing William Barr and others that we were pleased to hear announced yesterday so those are good conversations in those conversations we hope will be made real in terms of organizing a more deliberate and strategic way the procurement of the hundreds of millions of individual items that we need to procure and shields and gloves and gowns and coveralls and face masks and swabs and the like but we have testing numbers the testing has significantly increased across this country but also in the state of California tomorrow will be laid out the new numbers that we have received that will show a significant jump in the numbers we made public as we brought together all of these one off collection sites and all of the hospitals research universities that are participating as well as the private labs and will have a new process to collect those numbers in real time I had to make until like I think more comfort in numbers on the scale of testing is still not close to where we need to be we still need more swabs we still need more reagents these aren't extraction kits but we are seeing higher throughput and we're seeing new technologies coming up there were testing work with the FDA trump administration to get all the market one of his meeting with folks today that have a forty five minute test because the issue now is not just swabs in our extraction reagents it's about turning around the tests which are in some cases taking days and days and days some cases many of seven eight nine days and so we're gonna have to address the timeliness of the diagnostic and the test results as well again yeah because they have to iterate in this space as we moved from just public labs to those commercial quest and lab core now to needing specimen sample swabs in the media associated with that to now making sure we turn around the SAT test and a much quicker time but more on that tomorrow we also in closing I've done a lot on the ventilator side of things I mentioned yesterday the heroic work of Ilan musk came through on his promise to deliver over one thousand ventilators and that was announced yesterday we have brought in ourselves we just got another one thousand and ten ventilators are from the private sector working with managing others to convert that cash of five hundred fourteen ventilators that we had to refurbish them and to get them fully operational we have received from the federal government a no direct ventilators from the national stockpile Los Angeles county did receive one hundred and seventy and they have a unique relationship to the national stockpile but that's all we received within

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