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Thank you we shall have to forget it please everybody stay calm everybody stay


Operations for Staten Island university hospital a doctor strange I know you didn't mind us pulling something from doctor strange love I know you've heard it a thousand died so please forgive us because it is actually a great privilege to have you with us or at a good morning thank you thank you so much thank you and I have a cousin Vinny but away do you really I have a real good and then it might be like a brother to me but we will I love it I love it by the way our mutual friend I don't think you have a my mentees name each you for a he amber like garbage he also did the legendary Jew for a family of Brooklyn and he's great and you have helped him so much and it's a very tough year losing his wife but you he said yeah he goes to he called me yesterday docu goes you

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Thank you we shall have to forget it please everybody stay calm everybody stay

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