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Donald Trump, President Barack Obama And President discussed on All In with Chris Hayes


That some would view it as incriminating for him and the campaign if he asserted his right to testify and said nothing so he lied instead. He was not prosecuted. Some claimed for standing up for the president he was prosecuted for covering up for the president. Joining me now for more on today's sentencing and whether a presidential pardon is on the Horizon Ian Basson a former associate White House counsel to President Barack Obama. He's also the Executive Director of the nonprofit organization protect democracy and W liquid senior editor at slate. Mr Baskin I'll start with you. The likelihood of apartment feels like Donald Trump is telegraphing. It with some of his other pardon and some of his comments. How likely would you anticipate? It is and what would be the ramifications if he did it well. He clearly signaled that he's thinking about it today. And I think we need to put this in context if he does it there for the last year that there are data on record the federal government prosecuted one hundred sixty five thousand people around this country. How many of those people has Donald Trump looked at and considered whether their sentences too harsh? How many of those cases did William Bar personally lookout the answers? They're looking at just the friend of the president and creating a system in this country. Where if you're a friend of the president you get special treatment. Not only. Is that fundamentally at odds with foundational principles of American democracy and the rule of law. But here's another thing that both donald trump and rogers don't keep in mind if it's shown that Donald Trump offered this pardon to keep stone quiet. There aren't criminal statutes that speak to that statute like obstruction of justice. So this pardon may be coming but the saga may not be over. Let let's play. Donald Trump himself and this is donald trump talking about his old POW Roger Stone today before we go any further. I want to address today. Sentencing of a man Roger Stone Roger Stone. He's become a big part of the news over the last little while and I'm following this very closely and I want to see it play out to its fullest because Roger has a very good chance of exoneration in my opinion.

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