Working It: Ep. 216



Maybe two heads there which is a combination of semi Shiva. Shiva here's an army years and then I thought of becoming an attorney and at the age of eighteen when I applied all the tasks to go to the Israeli army I was going through some medical checkups and they told me sorry. You can't go. Your profile is number twenty one which means you can go to the army. I said why they said what you have a genetic disease that we don't know what to do with it. I have a sephardic genetic disease called. Fm familiar with the terrain and fever. Which is really not not such dangerous disease. Just take calls. She pulls each and every day and that prevents abdominal pains so I had an existential crisis. I don't know what to do all of a sudden my plans were thrown out the window and I went. I spoke to my rabbi about it styles and mentioning. Maybe thousand more times here and drink. Can I take this opportunity? Yes please say really first of all one of the most brilliant minds if anyone in this room is seriously interested in studying Talmud but it's a little bit afraid because this is complicated book with all the columns and all the wrong places in tiny letters languages and scripts that he don't understand. Rabbi sizes. Put together an astonishing astonishing astonishing edition with very clear. English translation with little adaptations on the side. I'm not working with my children off of that boat. It is incredible an accessible forty two volumes. You should really check it out of advertising. That's right and in addition to that he is about seventy books on Jewish thought each one of them is a gem. So you all come to Amazon or anywhere else and buy them but so my rabbi advisor at this age of eighteen. Exactly what to do and I just heard that there's a spot that opened up in a Jewish community in Geneva wanted you go and be the youth director and help them out to some adult education. As I said fine and I moved to Geneva spoke the language French and for first time I really felt a sense of tremendous fulfillment and I said to myself. Gosh maybe that's what I should become a rabbi trying to help out others and I had this epiphany throughout this experience where I said to myself. Okay that's really what life is about not asking what I need by what I'm needed for not asking what I want but what I can give not asking what I can take but what I can really contribute to society and that gave birth to this calling becoming a rabbi then I went to school in Italy and back to Israel Atlanta then Tarazona so penny if I may you mentioned Judaism as a family. I would like to talk about your family. Is it true you have nine children? It's true yes yes I'm very proud of it. That's two more than the three of US combined birthdays. I think I can you just name them in order because they probably have good names? Sure they have great name so the first one is Mandalay. Second Zero Thirties. Been Seon Forties. Yaacov fifth is Nina so we had a goal after four boys. That's all we kept on trying but then we said Wa goes. Oh great why not create some more so after Nina comes from another boy then Sarah then Rashi Khanna then? Sheriff fell who was born in the car on the way to the hospital on the night of some Carta Rogers two years ago. All right now what we need from you. Some solid parenting advice please. And by the way from Sean over here too because you have four kids we'll him? Okay all right. All right. Didn't mean to to jump ahead there. I'm no expert. I'd have a little experience but I'm not sure how what's the age range so the oldest is eighteen of youngest is two. I would say to condense it all into one advice. I would put a rally in three words. Let them be let them be and what I mean by. That is. Let them be fully wholesomely. Every child is unique. I have nine. I kept on trying because I thought maybe to be identical. But no that's not the way it works and every child is unique and I think every child needs to feel and to know that he is unique and to develop that uniqueness the way we have to do that as parents not to suffocate them with an positions with our way of viewing the world but quite the opposite to let them to engage them in seeing the world with their own uniqueness with their own eyes and hopefully developing the talents that God gave them the calling that God gave them and eventually the gift that they have for the world that God gave them Isaiah says. But it's a taken me better Nita in other words God tells us before I created you in your womb. I knew you in other words. God already decided who we will be. He knew who we will be before we were even born which really means that parents have no say in who their children will. We just have to let them be I kind of I agree that we have very little. Say It's amazing. How peripheral we feel. Once they start kind of efflorescence been my feeling exactly so sh- moles four kids. Plus you foster children as well right. What is that like which part let's start with the four kids and other children that are always sort of part of your family as well? Well I also don't have advice but if I were to say something it would be that. What triggers me tells me more about me than them. It goes back to the inner life in outer life. I learned my spiritual work by what triggers me in my relationship with them. The things that drive me crazy the things that are most challenging and so I view it as as my primary spiritual. These days is in parenting. So that's the first thing I'd say they're the second thing actually. They teach me prayer because recently I was praying out loud. I was praying for health and for our success and my son Leans in. You must have thought there was a channel above me and he says for Batmobile so and so I did what any modern person does when something like that happens. I posted the story on facebook and so the next day a box arrived at our house and it says to love from God. God here's all prayers so this is really wonderful. He's really excited. He gets the biggest batmobile. Possibly imagine a five-year-old writing about we'll be down the road that's Levin Gang fluids but now we've a theology problem in our house every night but the fostering is a whole nother story and spiritually for me. It is about that. I feel alienated in the world. I feel alienated from God. I feel alienated from a certain broken. Nece much more to say there another time but morally. It's the issue I can't at night I can't sleep at night if there's one issue more than any other. It is children who are abused or neglected. And so we've been fortunate to have now. Six children are House. Just got a call two days ago for another child who is going to be joining us God willing soon and we say to our kids every time we say to the four of them. Do you want a child to come in this house? They're gonNA take your toys. They're going to smell different. They're gonNA look different. They're gonNA cry in the middle the night all night and every time for them said yes. Get them here now every time and so. I'm doing a lot of things wrong in my parenting but I think I'm doing there must be something. My wife is doing right that they're saying yes..

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