Brian Urlacher's Brother Casey Among 10 Charged in Illegal Betting Ring


Brother of the Chicago Bears hall of Famer along with the Chicago police officer both facing federal charges in an offshore gambling ring first WGN traffic I'm fifty five dealing with the massive potholes part of the road surface has collapsed on the southbound side to get a five fifty five this is that US fifty to a handful of cars are already pulled over with flat tires forecast from the WGN Chicago weather center clear skies overnight as temperatures drop into the single digits and lead we'll start with wind chills near zero in this city by daybreak it'll be sunny Friday with afternoon wind gusts up to thirty miles an hour and high temperatures in the upper thirties skies remain clear by Friday night as temperatures fall back into the low twenties the brother of the Chicago Bears legend along with a veteran Chicago police officer are among ten people named in the federal indictment prosecutors accuse them of operating an illegal offshore sports gambling ring in term Chicago police superintendent Charlie back talked about his officer at a late night briefing with media one of my predecessors from my decades ago in in Los Angeles the the only problem with policing is a you have to recruit from the human race and so you get all the foibles that come from the human race and and unfortunately the additional authority vested in police officers sometimes Tesla Casey or lacquer for his parts accused of acting as an agent of the operation and the recruiting betters in exchange for a cut of their losses he's currently the mayor of Matamba village in Lake County Illinois and the brother of former Chicago Bears linebacker hall of Famer Brian or lacquer

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