2020 Democratic Presidential Candidates Visit Hollywood

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California presidential primary is less than two weeks. Away and Democratic candidates are in a mad dash to raise money and improve their name recognition. And where better to build both than in Hollywood. Ted Johnson is the Washington correspondent for deadline where he covers politics and entertainment. Ted Welcome back to the frame. Thank you for having so who came to town? And what did they do? Well Amy Klobuchar was at the home of Lorraine Sheinberg. She's the widow of Sydney Shamburg. Who was very top executive at universal and also very politically active and in his career and the rain. Sheinberg played the wife to officer Brody in Jaws yes And it kind of speaks to. What type of support she's getting. People were moderates in the entertainment industry. Probably a little older than you may see from some of the Bernie Sanders side and then p. Buddha judge is in town on Thursday. They've been out here raising money at the home of Seth Macfarlane who is very enthusiastic about his support for the former South Bend Mayor. It's also being co-hosted by league. Annuals I assume most of these events are relatively similar. You pay a couple of bucks you show up at somebody's house maybe get a photo shake hands and here twenty minutes speech. Do they all fall? Pretty much under that same pattern. Yes pretty much. So it's usually the candidate delivering a variation on their stump speech that you can hear in public on the campaign trail sometimes throwing in a few insider risk comments and sometimes doing acuity with donors who are the kinds of people who are hosting these events and are they aligned with one candidate or do. They spread their love around. You are seeing some of that but I think what really distinguishes. This presidential cycle past ones is here. We are just two weeks out from Super Tuesday and there are a lot of those traditional donors. The people who've been involved cycle after cycle who have not declared their support for one candidate or the other. I'm thinking people like Steven Spielberg Jeffrey Katzenberg. Hyme Savan these people who are incredibly involved in what they have done This cycle is. They either sat it out or just spread their money around among multiple candidates so as an observer. It's a it can be a little confusing. Just because someone has given to a candidate does not necessarily mean that. They're going to vote for that person or they're going to endorse a lot of people are just seeing how this plays itself out. We're talking with deadlines Ted Johnson about campaigning for president. In not that long ago I remember and you do as well the town being pretty much split between Hillary Clinton and Barack Obama during the primaries has one candidate really kind of gone to the top in terms of leading Hollywood attention and money right now. Well it's interesting because if you look at the numbers Comma Harris actually is collected more money from the entertainment business than any other candidate. But she's not even in the race anymore. She's followed by people to judge who is raised. I think it's one point. Two million so far from the entertainment business is quite extraordinary that he's raised that amount. Given that a year ago he was unknown and he came in and really became kind of a darling of the entertainment industry very quickly that I think. A lot of donors a saw his candidacy as potentially historic he'd be the first LGBT president and they really won over by his message. They say hey. We see shades of Barack Obama in people to judge now also shouldn't discount Bernie Sanders. He's raised close to nine hundred thousand for the entertainment business for his campaign and he has a very enthusiastic number of supporters people. Like Adam McKay and Susan Sarandon and Mike. I'm war. They're out there on the campaign trail for him. It's just that he is not relying on these types of high dollar fundraisers to finance his campaign. He's is doing it through these small dollar contributions in his messages. Definitely resonating even in the elite circles of Hollywood but I have to add that. It's also tends to be the left side of Hollywood as opposed to the center La. So let's talk about the right side of Hollywood. It isn't very big but have there been any conservative people in the industry who have come out and said things in favor of or given money to president trump we have people who have come out in favor of trump. Benham with him very publicly from the star. People Jon voight. There is a reluctance to come out publicly in support president trump because there is a lot of blowback. I've talked to trump supporters. Who said they just don't want their names associated with him because things are so polarized at this time but if Bernie Sanders nominee will see. I've talked to centrist donors who are very concerned about sanders getting the nomination. They won't come out and say that that is going to force them into trump's hands. They'll they'll say I'm just GONNA sit it out if he ends up being the nominee but we'll see and once the primary in Nevada is over. Will there be a return of candidates coming back to La looking for more support now yet Joe Biden was post to have an event this week in southern California but that was rescheduled. Because he has to spend so much time on the campaign trail after a pretty dismal performance. In Iowa and New Hampshire. But we're now getting down to just a week away not just from Super Tuesday but also from the South Carolina. Vote so this is. This is crunch time for these campaigns in taking them off the campaign trail has to be a very Savvy calculation that it is going to end up being worth it to fly into California for our fundraiser will probably see the candidates flocked to California not this weekend but the following weekend for those first couple days before Super Tuesday. Ted Johnson is the Washington correspondent for deadline where he covers politics and entertainment. Ted thanks so much for coming back on the

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