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Weirdo bookworm unite. We want to share our love of genre fiction with you. Some readers out there may look down on you for your love of horror sci fi and fantasy but not us so stop by as we discuss what we've been reading such honor junkies. This is Sandra this is Scott. I'm welcome to a very very very exciting episode Broadcasting to you all the way from Corentin Chana Junkies headquarters got some really exciting stuff on the episode tonight. We're talking about a horror book the return and not only that we haven't even interviewing all her Rachel Harrison. Who's lovely and amazing Did a call with us from the East Coast and it was incredible to get to talk to her about this book. We love talking to authors and it makes it even better when we feel some sort of way about their work so Before we get into that I have a confession to make your confession confess confess. I'm addicted to animal crossing. I love it so much I love. I love playing it on my break. Yellow switch and I. I haven't had the game very lawn. Select I'm still trying to like build up my my. You know my little island but Island is called Candy Corn. Yeah if he wanted to stop him appropriate for you. Yes so other than that. I don't have a whole whole lot of stuff to say. As far as like you know. Kind of John. Ra stuff had been experiencing still doing all of our podcasts. That hunt that I'm involved in in Youtube shows from a distance Watching some channels zero up to watch a horror movie today just escaping into horror. Mostly my happy place that in animal crossing and for me I've been teaching myself live streaming and live broadcasting and getting into all of that to assist Andrews many shows and it's been it's been an experience a steep learning curve but I'm enjoying it. Hope you all are enjoying quarantine swell. You're staying safe and healthy and happy and reading. Lots of good books and if you're looking to pick something up why not the return by Rachel Harrison. I'll tell you a little bit about it. Julius Missing and no one believes she will ever return except Elise Elise knows Julie better than anyone in feels it in her bones that her best friend is out there and that one day Julie will come back. She's right two years to the day that Julie went missing. She reappears with no memory of where she spent or what happened to her along with molly and may their close friends from college. The women decide to reunite at a remote in. But the second only sees Julie. She knows something is wrong. She's emaciated sallow skin and odd appetites and as the weakened unfurled it becomes impossible to deny that the Julie who vanished two years ago is not the same Julie who came back but then who were what is she so I feel like that is a that is description of a story that we've read or watched before but this book does something very unique with the premise. Yes so let me just kind of start out by saying in many many ways. I felt like this book was really tailor made for me. The cover is mostly hot pink and black which is my aesthetic and it just is creepy and forboding and when you open it up. The book is Hot Pink and black including the writing on the Spine. So just just from just looking at it. I'm like those right up your hours totally for me this book before. I even seen the covered her. The premise and it was one of my most anticipated reads of the Year of twenty twenty so I had a lot riding on this book and I was not disappointed nor was I. This book is a Banger. Banner did you hear that everyone a real banger. Really good though. It's really good. I feel like I I love okay so we already talked about I. Love Horror. Horror is my happy place and there's so much room in horror for so many different experiences and voices and stories to come out and I feel like horror needs Rachel Harrison et cetera. I feel like it needs it. I feel like our beloved genre needs and can benefit from Rachel Harrison and her type of storytelling and her type of characters Because she loves horror to. She's she's the real deal and she is the real deal and how she writes in the characters and the way she presents things and I found this to be a really fresh original voice and story. Bekaert in particular are Rachel's biggest strong point in this story. They're so unique an individual and and they're realistic. They're real people with real flaws and real strengths and the they're handled in very human ways. I feel that these characters truly exist. Yeah I I'm devastated to think about the idea that these ladies are not existing somewhere in the world and living their lives. Because I'm like no no. I know them I totally know them. Lake their friends of mine. They're fine they're real. They're real. This is fine. But what strong is those? Those women do exist. Those women do exist. Because they're your weaned. I we know women like these women. We all know people. These are real honest women. Yeah we're not talking about a sex in the city like this person fits into this trope in this first person. Is You know the the shy one and this one is the outgoing one. This isn't even the Golden Girls. These are beautiful and that's shade against golden girls by the way because we stay on the golden girls in in this in this genre junkies household But no I totally agree We've often said on this. You know on our show you turn into a drinking game every time we say how much we love. Flawed characters and how characters are flawed. You could take a shot because that's a huge thing for us because you know the people we love in our real lives. They're flawed to where flawed. And it's so much so much easier to relate and care about somebody when they're not some lake idealized version of anything and the characters in the story are diverse and they're different they're diverse not only in like physical and ethnicity but just like in who they are and what they like but they're all friends 'cause they all really love each other and it's just it's so true to life. It's so that's how your friend group is strong friends. Goals people are not necessarily especially when especially when the the circle has been created since you are in high school or college your interests in your your similarities. Don't necessarily overlap very much. They could change but the bond of common friendship is still would hold you together. Yeah and I'm really fascinated by friendship. Stories specifically female friendships. And I've even dipped a toe into you know obsessive female friendships but a female friendships nonetheless. And really this idea that you know. Sometimes you're mad or sometimes you're jealous or you're feeling some sort of way about your friend but the end of the day you really love them and you really you know. Bolster them up and you want the best for them It's so wonderful and especially as adults because he's a grown ass women having these relationships with each other absolutely cool and then you take that that beautiful brilliant framework of characters and Friendship. And you put it in a horror story and this is where. I'm like Rachel's voice and perspective is so unique. This woman writing about female friends in a horrific situation An just really really unique and super captivating and also say Rachel is funny. Rachel's got Jo. She's I multiple times during this book. Yeah totally lullaby legitimate out loud laughing so I guess if it's not already obvious experience score wise Fermi this was This was obsession. I'm just obsessed. I'm in love with it in love with this book. Are I'm calling this? Does this book a page? Turner for me. I could not put it down. I read it in. I think one maybe two sittings. Yeah your quiz. She knows how to right. Wing speed and Dialogue Kosh. Her dialogue is especially something that I feel is worse Pointing out because there's a lot of just flow and Kinda boom boom boom boom boom. Which is how it is when you're with your friends like there's some times where you don't know who's talking because the dialogue is just like coming down in a vertical line but you know the characters so well you can you know. Oh that's may have some. That's Eliecer whatever. I talked a little bit about the characters not a falling into tropes but what they do is fall into very real friendship dynamics almost friendship archetypes in Atlanta. Yeah and it's not because of their personality and it's not because of who they are. It's just because every group of friends has someone who is you know.

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